“Let’s redefine the future of commerce together”

X-Commerce, eBay’s innovate developer conference for 2011 was held in San Francisco this year, this exciting three day event was all about bringing together the most comprehensive set of commerce products and capabilities on the planet all in one place.

The vision, “to help merchants and businesses of all sizes compete and thrive in the fast-changing world of social, local, mobile, digital driven commerce.” and there goal “to inspire developers and partners to create this new world”.

So what is X-Commerce?

X-Commerce is the platform that will combine the power of eBay, PayPal, Magento, and all the commerce might of the eBay Inc family into one location enhanced by solution providers and developers to enrich and help merchants compete for customers using mobile, social and local technologies.

For Merchants, X-Commerce is an easy to use single platform where businesses can access and integrate all the latest commerce technologies into their business. Developers help by making the technology easy to use and customisable for merchant’s businesses. This means merchants have access to the latest online shopping technologies in an otherwise difficult to compete market in mobile, local and social markets.

For Developers, X-Commerce is an open ecosystem that provides integrators and innovators with the full set of tools required to make solutions businesses need. This ecosystem model grants developers access to millions of consumers and merchants who are striving to get ahead and stay ahead with the latest ecommerce technologies in local, social and mobile.

For solution providers and partners, X-Commerce is a new and innovative distribution channel. The open environment allows providers and partners to plug-in and deliver the latest commerce technologies outside of eBay to developers, merchants and consumers everywhere.

For early adopters, X-Commerce will define the success of many online businesses.


Frooition at Innovate 2011, X-Commerce

Innovate 2011, is Frooitions 5th exciting annual technology conference. As the World’s Largest and Only eBay Certified Provider that specialise in design, it’s imperative we have the latest tools and technologies to ensure our clients can get ahead and stay ahead in an ever changing market place.

Listen live to Frooitions eBay Radio Interview at X-Commerce:

Phillip Molloy (CEO) and Adrian Bausor (Head of Development) discuss Frooition and the latest at Innovate 2011.

Listen Live to X-Commerce eBay Radio Interview
with Frooition

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