Why you should use eBay catalogue.

Listing and shop design has always been high on the list of priorities for eBay sellers, which is why so many opt for a Frooition custom design template. Professional sellers wish to portray a branded image on eBay and a simple text or boiler plate design just doesn’t cut the mustard.

However when listing using eBay catalogue the seller’s design is often pushed down the listing template and buyers may not scroll far enough to see anything more than the page header and catalogue information before making a buying decision.

If buyers don’t see your template they miss out on your branding and more importantly your cross promotions to other items, and yet there are many compelling reasons for using eBay catalogue.

The most important reason in recent times has been the launch of the eBay Value Box and Product Page. Reminiscent of Amazon’s single product page eBay are rolling up listings from all sellers for the same product into a single product in search results. Buyers can also win the Value Box if they are Top Rated Seller, Offer the item on Buy it Now and of course list using eBay’s catalogue.

Another compelling reason to list using eBay catalogue are the listing promotions that eBay run from time to time. Currently on eBay UK if you list MP3 players and GPS systems using eBay catalogue insertion fees are waived and this promotion runs right through to 9th January 2011.

The time savings from listing with eBay catalogue are obvious, rather than having to list the tracks on a CD, or write up a description for a DVD you can simply pull the relevant details in from eBay’s catalogue. This convenience doesn’t stop in media categories, product details are available in many categories ranging from computers to mobile cell phones. If you’re selling in a category that catalogue is available then don’t wait for eBay to mandate use of catalogue or to introduce product pages and the Value Box – get ahead of the game and start listing with eBay catalogue today.

“Frooition have the ability to pull the catalogue data and incorporate it into your listing template design.”

That brings us back to the issue of listing design – eBay’s catalogue information is displayed by default at the top of the listing just beneath the item specifics box. However for Frooition uses there is an elegant solution to brand catalog information. Frooition have the ability to pull the catalogue data and incorporate it into your listing template design. Rather than have it right at the top of the page you can keep key sections of your design highlighted including your header, shop categories to the left, cross promotions to your key items to the right and of course your star product promotion and shop search box to the top left of your Frooition listing template.

Click here to compare a standard eBay product catalogue listing with a Frooition Product catalogue listing

Another key advantage of using eBay catalogue in a Frooition professional listing template is that you can insert your own product images in the normal top center position. This isn’t key for new items as stock images are available from eBay’s catalogue. However if you’re selling used items you can highlight any product defects and include multiple images just as you would for non-catalogue listings.

In summary if eBay catalogue is available for your products it can save time listing, will result in better visibility for both auction style and fixed price listings, can save money when listing promotions are running, for Top Rated Sellers opens up the possibility of winning the value box, and for all sellers will result in greater visibility in Best Match search results as eBay will highlight catalogue based listings at the top of eBay search result product pages.

Even if you don’t use a professional Frooition listing template design you should opt to use eBay catalogue, but with your Frooition design your design investment continues to work for you by incorporating the catalogue information within your main listing template.

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