If you’ve ever had to do a major revision of all your eBay listings you’ll be familiar with how painful the process can be. Often changes are forced upon sellers by eBay, for instance when they changed payments policy to ban cash transactions or on eBay.com banned paper payments such as cheques.

Frooition have created two tools specifically to make the task of editing eBay listings en masse simple and fast:

Froo! Bulk Revision Tool – An eBay App Center tool.

Frooition Bulk Revision – an additional tool available for Advanced eBay Design customers.

Of course the first thing you can use the new Frooition Bulk Revision tool for is to apply your Professional Frooition Design to all of your live eBay listings!

Frooition have made the tool available for unlimited revisions for free for the first 30 days after you sign up to Frooition Advanced eBay design. This makes updating your current listings to a professional template design the work of minutes rather than having to manually edit or relist each product you have for sale.

“Bulk Revision can also help with the upcoming item duplication changes; you can alter your product quantities to ensure you have 1 listing with a quantity of 20 instead of 20 single listings!”

Even if you don’t currently use a Frooition Pro Design the Froo! Bulk Revision tool can still save you hours of work.

It gives you the ability to find and replace keywords in titles and descriptions, if you currently have listings which eBay may consider to be duplicates you need to ensure that differences are called out in multiple areas of your listing including title, price, photo, description, Item Condition, and/or Item Specifics.

By using the Froo! Bulk Revision tool you can edit titles, descriptions, Item Condition or even add additional information to the end of your description to ensure that your item won’t be considered a duplicate.

Another useful feature of Froo! Bulk Revision is the ability to quickly and easily adjust prices. Often this is something out of control of the seller, such as your supplier putting up prices, or as has been the case recently in the UK the amount of sales tax (VAT) changing.

Bulk Revision can also help with the upcoming item duplication changes; you can alter your product quantities to ensure you have 1 listing with a quantity of 20 instead of 20 single listings!

If you sell in a category where prices are particularly volatile, for instance computer memory, the tool will allow you to adjust your prices (both auction start price and Buy It Now prices) as market conditions change. You can also adjust prices on your products to ensure that you are competitive, but adjust prices up if there becomes a shortage of product in the marketplace to maximise profits.

Another change often outside the control of sellers is shipping and dispatch times. The winter season is approaching and often during inclement weather couriers may be unable to collect or deliver and your warehouse staff may not be able to get into work. If this happens Froo! Bulk Revision will allow you to quickly amend your dispatch times on your eBay listings to let customers know that it will take longer for their items to arrive. This used in conjunction with adding additional information to your listings is a great way to ensure you meet customer expectations, and of course you can amend your listings back to normal when the disruption to your business ends.

When eBay change policies affecting areas of your listing such as your returns policy this can mean editing every listing you have live on eBay. Again if you change your email address editing your PayPal payment address is critical to ensure that you continue to receive the funds into your account when buyers make payments. The Froo! Bulk Revision Tool handles both returns policy and PayPal payment address changes with ease and regardless of how many listings you have live on eBay you can edit them all in a one step process.

The cost of the Froo! Bulk Revision varies depending how many listings you wish to revise each month, but everyone gets 25 revisions for free every single month, and the price rises to a maximum of $15 for an unlimited number of revisions. You’ll automatically be billed based on the number of amendments you make and the price band you fall into.

If you need to make some changes to some of your listings you can sign up and try Froo! Bulk Revision for free in the eBay Apps Center.

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