Listing with Parts Compatibility is a great way for sellers on eBay Motors to ensure that they comply with the new Item Duplication Policy. Although the policy does allow for up to five Fixed Price listings per part when an item fits specific products or models, Parts Compatibility listings give much greater flexibility and will also boost your listings higher in Best Match.

“EBay Motors sellers no longer have to include the names of all compatible vehicles in the listing title”

EBay Motors sellers no longer have to include the names of all compatible vehicles in the listing title to ensure that their items appear in search results. In reality for most items this was an impossible task due to the 55 character limit for item titles. Now, sellers can create one listing describing a single part and add a full list of compatible vehicles in the new compatibility tab which will be displayed in the listing description.

The information included in the compatibility tab will be searchable by your customers. Buyers looking for your item, say a headlight for a 2000 Honda Civic LX 4-Door Sedan would still return relevant items even with a listing title of “HONDA HEADLIGHT” – So long as you’ve used compatibility listings with a full list of the relevant models that your item fits there is no need to include the models in the item titles.

This gives a lot more flexibility for including additional information in product titles. Instead of a title such as “HONDA CIVIC HEADLIGHT TO FIT 2000 LX 4 DOOR SEDAN” you could use “HONDA CIVIC EK JDM HEADLIGHT WITH BLACK EYEBROW EYELID”.

Car manufactures routinely use parts to fit multiple models. By rolling all of your listings for one part into a single compatibility listing on eBay Motors, each model will benefit from the recent sales boost in Best Match from sales for all of the other models that your product is compatible with.

The details available for Compatibility Listings on eBay Motors are: Year; Make; Model; Trim; and Engine. You can add an unlimited number of compatible motors to each listing that you create. To make the listing process easier eBay catalog includes a large range of parts which already have the compatibility information included so whenever possible list using eBay catalog.

For product which aren’t included in the eBay catalog you’ll need to create your own listing with parts compatibility information and this can be done with eBay tools such as the Sell Your Item form and TurboLister, or you can use a tool from companies such as Frooition to edit existing listings and create new parts compatibility listings from scratch.

When buyers purchase from a compatibility listing it gives them greater confidence that they have found the item that will fit their vehicle. In search results buyers will only view the listings matching the year, make and model they specified and they can verify that the part they’re about to buy fits their vehicle by looking at the compatibility tab displayed in your listings.

The big advantages of Parts Compatibility listings are time and cost savings as you only have one listing to manage for each product, you will be in compliance with the new Duplicate Listing Policy, and a boost in search results which will help the performance of your listing. Most importantly it will result in more buyers by making the parts you list on eBay Motors easier to find.

Frooition can help you apply Parts Compatibility to your live listings using Froo! Bulk Revision or using the design management tool that you get access to with the Advanced eBay Design Packages.

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