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Over half of customers start researching Christmas gift ideas before December. These customers want gift guides. For those that haven’t yet started, gift guides are the perfect reminder that Christmas is coming up soon, to get them thinking about everyone they need to buy for, and showcase your products as great gifts.

Anyone who has ever had to shop for Christmas gifts will empathize with the stress of having to find a gift for someone who is difficult to buy for. This is why gift guides are really helpful for customers at Christmas, boosting sales through great user experience. Gift guides are so good for user experience in fact, that Marks & Spencer have updated their homepage to a gift guide format during the Christmas period.


Gift guides do double-duty, providing useful, shareable content for customers, and good long tail keywords for search engines being used by desperate gift-hunters who have no idea what to buy for guitar players, or fishermen, or vegans, or yogis. Making your own lists, you’ll be able to put your products into context, and even include some other stellar ideas that you think your target audience would love from other retailers if you choose to. It can be anything from related books to other brands, but your goal is to provide a genuinely helpful list of gifts that your audience would adore. Including complimentary items can be a great way to partner with other retailers, or to position your products in relation to the latest must-have items from large retailers. For example, you may not sell the latest i phone, but you could partner with a seller who does, and include it on your list alongside cases, headphones and other tech accessories.

For your gift guides you will need…

  • A list of 8-12 items that would be perfect gifts for your target audience (including 1-3 of your products)
  • An image of each item
  • The price of each item
  • A short description of each item and why its great for your audience
  • A link to each item

Choose a specific category

Keep groups simple.Create gift guides that cover a specific topic or group. By organizing your gift guide into groups, you can help your customers find what they’re looking for with ease. For example:

  • Gifts for Mum
  • Gifts for book lovers
  • Gifts for pets
  • Gifts for under $20

Highlight three to seven items

This is just a guideline number. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewers, so don’t try to highlight every product or service that you offer in one guide. You are just looking to inspire enough interest to get them to visit the store. And remember, you can create and send more than one guide during the holiday season. It’s better to send several smaller guides than it is to send one big one.

Give your guide exposure

Your gift guide should live on your website or blog. Then, email the guide to your audience linking back to your blogs of gift guides. Use that same link to promote it on your social media channels. Pinterest is an excellent place to get free exposure for gift guides.

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