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With the pending removal of active content from eBay in June 2017, sellers are removing content from their listings. Many are having their stores redesigned, so that their store is not just attractive, but also eBay active content policy compliant. Built with cross selling features that comply with the new eBay active content policy. But eBay design is more than skin deep. How listings look to the eye is just the start. Though many of these eBay stores may look attractive and be free from active content, for stores with hard coded solutions, this is just a honeymoon period.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

A good eBay store should be easy to navigate and access for two main people; the customer, and the seller. All too often, seller functionality is forgotten. You look at your shiny new store, and the first thing you do is run through a customer journey test. The seller journey is lucky to get as much as an afterthought. But poor functionality on the seller side can damage sales just as rapidly as poor experience for the customer.

If you decide to diversify or expand, and want to add another product category, in a store with hard coded categories, this would mean taking down each product listing, and adjusting each one manually. One. By. One. This is time consuming, and potentially disruptive for an eBay business where regular sales matter. There are some sellers, small hobby businesses, selling a few items on eBay for example, who would not suffer from the down time on listings and may even enjoy the exercise of adjusting listings. For businesses with hundreds or thousands of listings though, this would be a massive undertaking.

You may be thinking that’s ok. You are due a holiday, when it comes to html and css your pretty hot, and spending a week hauled up with your laptop category coding doesn’t sound too bad.

But what about when you don’t have a week?

What about when you usually sell makeup, but spot some hair products for a good price at the wholesalers and need to quickly put up a new category to see how they sell? What about when you want to create a temporary holiday sale category? Sellers using hard coded design solutions cannot adjust their store without spending lots of time and suffering both inconvenience and probable loss of sales while listings are down. If a seller doesn’t want to adjust the coding themselves, they can pay a designer, but again, this is an additional cost and still takes time.

There comes a point where a store has too many listings to make the option of manually going through and adjusting listings a viable option.

None of our eBay designs are hard coded. Frooition designs are all  eBay active content policy compliant; supported by our unique software that syncs changes on your Frooition seller dashboard, to your eBay store. Updating categories is done in a few clicks. With zero down time or disruption to your listings. Some of eBay’s biggest sellers; World of Books, Universal Gadgets and Linda’s stuff to name just a few, use Frooition designs and software. These are all businesses that have experienced massive growth on eBay. Stores that started off small, but planned for growth. Growth that hard coding would have stunted. A hard coded solution would have made the rapid growth of these ambitious sellers unsustainable. It was Frooition software that gave them the flexibility they needed to grow.

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