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eBay – who’d have thought the simple idea of an online auction would have grown into such a commercial success? Figures from January 2016 show that 162 million people use the site and that there are 25 million sellers listing 800 million items. It’s easy, quick and there are some great bargains to be had – 80 per cent of which are brand new.

It’s come a long way from its launch in 1995 as ‘AuctionWeb’, making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to sell their wares online. It offers an eBay shop function, whereby you can create a branded hub, if you like, as a store front for your items. While this is great, savvy sellers are starting to see that using eBay’s own shop design options doesn’t leave them with the most eye-catching end result. Many are therefore outsourcing this task to specialised website companies, like Frooition. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Boost your appeal

Research suggests that you only have eight seconds to win a new customer. eBay itself says that the more appealing your shop design is, the better your chances for success are. The auction site gives you the opportunity to design your shop, to a limited extent, using customisable pages, a branded header and loading photos. It works, but the function is a little restrictive.

Using an alternative branding expert can help your shop stand out, look far more professional and instil confidence in buyers. We can create a bespoke design, customise an eBay listings template and display your products in an engaging way – producing a shop which more accurately reflects the care and attention you pay to your customers. What’s more, our designs are modern, vibrant and attractive, helping you to create brand awareness and loyalty, as you’re not ‘just another standard eBay-designed shop’.

By the way, did we mention we’re one of eBay’s certified third parties?

  • Saves you time

Creating a shop can be a cumbersome and lengthy process, especially if you haven’t done anything like it before. eBay offers lots of hints and tips on building your shop’s brand – from themes to header styles and logos to listings. There’s a lot to consider. It also gives you the opportunity to use HTML code to create your own header, but how many of us know how to do that? Delegating this task to experts will clearly save time and a headache on your part! Your designers can take your brand and create a shop site which surpasses your expectations, without you needing to stress over it.

That’s not all, though. If you’re using Frooition’s listing software as part of your eBay shop design package, you’ll save time whenever you add a new item. Our study found a saving of two minutes and 20 seconds for each listing – which equates to a whole working day if you’re adding 150 more products.

  • Compatible with mobile devices

We are increasingly using mobile devices to do our shopping – some 45 per cent of ecommerce traffic in the UK originates from smartphones or tablets, with 30 per cent of eBay sales being carried out this way. As such, it’s crucial that your eBay shop is mobile responsive – this means that it renders clearly on a smaller screen, loads as it should and still enables customers to navigate and buy with ease.

Outsourcing your template design can ensure that your shop is optimised for touchscreens (i.e. swipe and scroll functions), is compatible with the eBay app, is readable and works with all designs, in all orientations. All of this means that customers can buy your products whilst on the train, waiting in a queue or even while watching TV. A mobile responsive design isn’t simply nice to have, it’s essential.

  • Improves user experience

Okay, some of the eBay shops look really nice, we won’t lie. They’re obviously created by people who have time and know-how. The majority, however – just take a look for yourself – don’t and they can appear off-putting. It’s a fact that most eBay shoppers will research the seller first, so offering that professional first impression can work wonders. You simply cannot underestimate the importance of presenting a good quality site.

As mentioned above, this can really help increase buyer confidence but can also improve the user experience. Our templates are easy to navigate, so that your customers won’t abandon their cart through frustration. Instead, you can lead them right the way through to purchasing. We allow you to display 20 images, obvious calls-to-action, clear descriptions, all the pricing information, reviews – everything the customer needs right there and then so that they won’t have to go away and do any research or thinking.

  • Can increase sales

All of the above elements combined can result in increased sales, as they position you and your business as professional, reputable and trustworthy. A well-designed eBay shop can make the journey from search to purchase a quick and easy one, providing a pleasant experience that many will remember and revisit because of. They make it possible to buy items no matter where you are, or what device you’re using. They can increase brand awareness, build relationships and help your bottom line.

As we say, these are only some of the reasons why savvy sellers are having their eBay shop sites designed by experts, but we think they’re some fairly conclusive ones! If you’d like to know how Frooition can help your eBay endeavours, call us on 01384 480 810 or send us an email.

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