Frooition are delighted and excited to be part of the highly anticipated action comics No1 project on eBay: Pristine Comics have just sold an original Action Comics #1 featuring Superman’s debut!

The comic went for a staggering $3,207,852.00 (approx £1.9 M). That’s a pretty good return on the original 10c cover price!

The original Action Comics number 1 was published in June 1938; the first run had 200,000 copies and was an anthology of multiple comics. It is estimated that only 50-100 original copies exist in varying conditions.

Action Comics #1 was the first comic to ever reach $1 million and the last copy sold in 2011 went for a staggering $2.16 Million.

The owners of this comic (Pristine Comics) are collectors and sellers of high value comics and collectables and have an impressive collection in their fantastic looking store, proudly created by Frooition:


EBay have done a lot of promotion for this historic auction including building a great looking promotional page that explains more about the auction:

The guys at Pristine Comics are also donating a portion of the proceeds to the Christopher & Dana Reeves foundation.

Congratulations to the buyer for winning this rare auction and well done to the team at eBay and Pristine comics for all their hard work!

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