The folks at Linnworks have created a great guest article on the importance of ‘going multichannel’:

Why go Multichannel?

So you’ve started selling online and found the marketplace or website you are selling on is doing great!

It is bringing in the sales and orders are moving along steadily.

This is great, but imagine if you could duplicate the results, double your sales and then repeat this process again and again!

Well welcome to the world of Multichannel.

What is MultiChannel selling?

So what is multichannel selling? A basic definition is promoting your products through more than on avenue, in ecommerce terms this could be Amazon, eBay and your own e-store.

Further to this you can expand the same principle to cross border trade, selling on multiple international sites.

The benefits are very clear and probably don’t need explaining.

But to keep it to the point, new, untapped markets and potential customers you would of otherwise of missed out on.

So if it’s so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well it doesn’t come without its difficulties; keeping track of stock is probably the biggest issue Multichannel sellers have.

Other issues include:

  • Opening multiple browsers for you online marketplaces.
  • Processing orders on different sites.
  • Copying and pasting postal information to your couriers.
  • Listing items on multiple sites.
  • Overselling.

So how do you tackle these potential issues?

The importance of an inventory management system

There are many inventory management systems out there, including Linnworks.

These systems are designed to stop the cons of multichannel selling by being an all in one solution; all aspects from order management to stock control and courier integration can be accessed through one single system.

Charlie’s Opinion

Multi Channel selling is a natural progression for most online businesses, and if you don’t sell on that marketplace, surely one of your competitors will.

So if you do decide to sell on Multiple Channels, I would recommend doing a little research and look for a tool that will satisfy all your requirements. This will allow you to be truly successful without any of the hiccups others are struggling with at the moment.

About the author

Charlie McBroom

Charlie works at Linnworks as an ecommerce specialist, he also offers free advice to anyone interested in ecommerce.
If you are planning to start your own online business or have one and want advice on how to expand, please feel free to contact Charlie anytime.

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