The start of the year is a great time to start thinking about a design refresh or complete re-brand for your eBay store and or eCommerce website. Re-invest profits from the holiday season or invest your end of year budgets.

A redesign is a great way to kick-start New Year sales as well as to improve the look and feel of your online outlets.

Online design is often based on trends and fashions, the social boom and “web 2.0” feel brought about shiny, ultra realistic styled designs with heavy effects and detailed textures. It may prove profitable to keep up with design trends and technologies as you appear fresh and relevant.

The last few years have seen a move away from the shiny realistic designs towards flatter, cleaner designs; as a design company we are seeing a lot more customers asking for clean white designs that beautifully frame their products. Personally I believe Apple’s new look iOS 7 update has influenced many modern website designs.

Websites are becoming flatter, more simplified and easier to use, combined with demand for fast loading, mobile friendly websites has created a style that is more refined and straight forward. This doesn’t mean that design is not required, it takes skill to make a clean design look interesting and professional rather than under designed.

Many corporate companies are also following the cleaner flatter trend; recently eBay changed their logo to be simpler and more serious. Google did the same when they subtly toned down the shine and shadow from their logo in September.


The main reason for any eCommerce design is to drive the sale of the product, the easier it is for a customer to find a design the higher the chance of a sale; so a clear navigation is paramount and a large part of this flat design revolution. Over-designed sites can detract from the main purpose of the site, some can even make it near impossible to use.

Why Redesign?

  • Refresh your brand
  • Re-engage with existing customers
  • Update the focus of your business
  • Add new product ranges
  • Improve navigation
  • Increase SEO
  • Update functionality
  • Follow design trends and technology requirements
  • Boost sales

How to redesign:

Frooition offer design solutions for many different platforms; we can base your redesign on your existing branding/web presence or create something entirely new. We work closely with you to get the branding right for your business and you – after all your website represents you as the business owner as much as the business itself.

We believe in building brands not just doing a design for a website; with this in mind we develop services that complement our other services, meaning you can use the same brand across all of your eCommerce channels. Using the same brand is an important strategy as it increases brand recognition, brand awareness and trust for your customers.

Frooition offer design for the following platforms:

  • EBay Store & Listing Design
  • Ecommerce websites
    • Bigcommerce
    • Magento Go
    • Channel Advisor premium stores
  • Facebook
  • Amazon Webstores

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