EBay want to make it easier to connect sellers with buyers and they don’t want a little thing like an ocean  to stand in the way! That is why they have introduced the fantastic Global Shipping Program.

The global shipping program allows sellers to reach international buyers without the worry of customs, insurance and all the typical paperwork involved with international selling. All the seller needs to do is simply ship the parcel to eBay’s local shipping center and eBay handle the rest.

Seller Release 13.1 sees the Global shipping program opened up to more sellers as an optional service that will open many sellers up to millions more buyers!

Key Features:

  • Sellers can ship to a local center and the item gets sent on to the buyer
  • Open to more sellers
  • Item must be physically located in the US
  • Currently USA only
  • Optional feature (opt-in basis)
  • The Frooition software supports this for eligible sellers
  • See: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/shipping-globally.html for more details

Live date: Currently live for eligible sellers

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