Chris Reeves from Frooition, the world’s leading eBay design company has just released part 3 of ‘Your Business Christmas List’, a fantastic list of suggestions, tips and tricks to help maximise your Christmas sales!

Welcome to part 3 of ‘Your Business Christmas List’, a fantastic list of suggestions, tips and tricks to help maximise your Christmas sales!

Congratulations, you’re now over half way following what was hopefully a very successful November!


As the likely hood of poor weather increases and Christmas day moves ever closer you’ll be inundated with new problems and challenges throughout December, be prepared.

Are you ready for returns?


One thing is for certain, returns are going to happen.

“Some product categories have returns as high as 40%”

Whilst it’s highly unlikely you will receive returns anywhere near this figure it’s imperative you’re prepared and familiar with the latest legislation around returns, including the sales of goods act and distance selling regulations.

  • Ensure you know your business rights and the rights of your consumers.Whilst every effort is made to keep customers happy there will be occasions when this will be impossible; knowing the law in difficult situations can bring a swift end to an open dispute.
  • Ensure you’re familiar with your Couriers lost parcels and damaged goods policy.
  • Test your returns procedure to ensure you can meet all the desired requirements.
  • Ensure you maintain strong communication with your clients throughout their return process; not only will this encourage a positive experience with your business but increase the likehood of repeat customer business and future referrals.

Are you ready for last postal dates? Are your prospects?

Ensure you know the last postal dates with your couriers and don’t forget to make your customers aware so you can maximise on order times.

  • Updating your sales communications with last postal dates.
  • Updating your sales communications with last purchase dates to be delivered in time for Christmas.
  • Consider sending a ‘Royal Mail last postal dates’ email campaign, feature the Royal Mail’s last delivery dates and add an additional section for your business last order / delivery dates for Christmas.

It’s not over yet… Clients are still buying.

Ensure your marketing runs throughout December, for as long as you have stock you should be running product promotions and special offers, many businesses unwind their marketing efforts far too early in December.

“Prospective clients will buy right up to the last moment for the right Christmas gift”

Be Compelling…

Ensure your website and marketing remain compelling throughout December, as the weather worsens and Christmas gets closer and closer you need to reassure your clients and reduce their perceived risk of buying with you.


  • Adding a delivered in time for Christmas message in all of your sales communications.
  • Ensure Order Tracking is prominently displayed on your website.
  • If your deliveries are not currently being affected by the bad weather, consider displaying this message on your website.

It doesn’t end on Christmas day

Boxing day is typically one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, ensure you have products and promotions ready to run through Christmas into boxing day and the new year.


  • Flash page promotions.
  • Limited time offers i.e. “Boxing Day Madness”.
  • Product bundling.
  • BOGOF’s.
  • Ensure these promotions are on your site pre-Christmas to remind clients to check back at a later date.

“Christmas Sales typically run through to mid-January”

Decembers Example Marketing Activities Guide

1st December – Special Christmas Campaigns

It’s time to cause strong urgency with your prospective clients and encourage viral referrals in the last few weeks before Christmas.

Campaign Idea: Consider running a campaign on 12 days of Christmas – perhaps running a different product promotion each day saving the best offer for the 12th day (Email campaign, social messages, website banners etc)

Campaign Idea: Product Promotion Email Campaign.
Subject Idea: 25 Days to Go!

11th December – Special Christmas Campaign
If you haven’t already, you need to ensure you update your clients on special promotions.

17th December – Urgency
Ensure you prominently display last delivery dates for Christmas orders on your website. As you enter the last week before Christmas prospective buyers become more and more concerned about orders arriving in time for Christmas; a clearly displayed message will answer buyer objections and turn visitors into buyers.

Campaign Idea: Email Subject “Last Orders”

December 20th – Merry Christmas
Don’t forget to wish your clients a Merry Christmas, this will go a long way to increasing customer loyalty.

“Keep your Christmas message clean (no sales messages) and genuine for increased customer loyalty”

December 26th – Boxing Day

Time to start your Christmas sales with your first Christmas sales campaign.

But it doesn’t end there… With New Year comes new promotions, stay ahead of the game and keep looking to the future.

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