Product relevancy is key when shopping online, the faster a seller can find what they are looking for the more likely they are to engage and buy your products. So it’s no surprise that eBay are further encouraging sellers to use eBay catalogue in new categories. These additions will provide buyers more information about your products reducing the number of questions received and increasing accuracy of product expectations, as a result enhancing your clients buying experience with you.

(Please note, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)


The following categories have now been added to the existing categories which require you to list using eBay catalogue (May 2nd):

  • DVD & Blu-Ray:
    – Region Free DVD Players
    – Portable DVD Players
    – DVD Players
    – Region 2 DVD Players
    – DVD & VCR Combo Players
    – DVD Recorders
    – Region 2 DVD Recorders
    – Region Free DVD Recorders
    – Other DVD & Home Cinema
    – Blu-Ray Players & Recorders
  • Home Receivers:
    – Tuners
    – Analogue
    – Digital
  • Multimedia Projectors:
    – Projectors
  • Home Theatre Systems
    – Home Cinema Systems
  • Home Theatre Speakers & Subwoofers
    – Subwoofers
    – Other Speakers
    – HiFi Speakers
    – Bookshelf / Wall Mount Speakers
    – Floor Standing Speakers
    – Surround / Home Cinema Speakers
    – Standmount Speakers
    – Speaker Components
    – Portable Speakers

As a seller, how does this help me?

By meeting the latest eBay catalogue listing requirements and using relevant keywords in your product titles you will increase search visibility and sales!

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Adopt using the eBay catalogue where you list in the above categories from 2nd April
  • Make sure your items are competitively priced to get maximum exposure
  • To help you, we’ve created this completely FREE eBay tool, the ‘eBay Category Feature Finder Tool

Check back tomorrow for details on New Merchandising and Advertising placements on the item page :: April

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