eBay are constantly striving to improve and enhance the eBay buying experience online, however as with all new advancements they take time and cost money. In efforts to further enhance the eBay shopping experience and drive more buyers to your categories eBay have evaluated the final value fees and decided from the 3rd May to increase final value fees from 3% to 5% in some technology categories.

(Please note, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information)


  • From May 3rd final value fees will be increasing from 3% to 5% in the following technology categories
    – Computing
    – Consumer Electronics
    – Photography
    – Mobile & Home Phones
    – Video Games, Excluding Games

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Update your product prices which are listed in the above categories to remain profitable and competitive for May 3rd

Top Tips

  • Prepare your listings ready for a price increase before May 3rd
  • Price you products competitively. Use eBay, Google Shopping, Amazon and comparison websites to research  your current product market prices to price your products competitively
  • Consider testing high low product pricing strategies to increase product profitability and product exposure
  • Monitor eBay analytics for new pricing opportunities

Check back tomorrow for details on Top Rated Seller Discounts Reduced (Early May)

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