The Importance of Rebranding

The importance of rebranding has never been so critical; with new enhanced technology released almost daily your business needs to respond quickly to maintain the image associated with the latest products, new trends and to retain confidence.

Companies typically rebrand:

  • To differentiate themselves from competitors
  • To shed a negative image
  • To meet emergent situations

“Remaining current and relevant is key for maximum engagement”

When you consider in today’s market clients can choose not only how and when, but if they want to engage with you, you soon realise that this window of engagement is very narrow; being seen as current and relevant is key for maximum engagement.

Being Current

Fashion is the greatest example of being current. Back in school did you ever fight for the latest clothes and current fashionable shoes or trainers? I know I did… Likewise your audiences today are looking for the latest and greatest, if your brand or ‘public image’ is wearing last years colours and old trainers you will find your ‘popularity’ or sales will start to fall…

Being Relevant

A lawyer needs to present relevant evidence from the Judges prospective, similarly if we want to retain the attention of our ‘judges’ (customers) we need to be relevant from our customers prospective and present a relevant brand image through products and colour perception.

When should I rebrand?

Every company has a different rebranding timeline depending on industry this could be several times a year or once in every ten years. Fashion companies reinvent themselves several times a year whilst steel companies perhaps once every ten years, thankfully there are a few key indicators:

  • Decline in sales
  • Lack of engagement and interest
  • Weak brand perception

Rebranding a mammoth task?

Fortunately when it comes to rebranding we can help, with over 100,000 online clients and a reputation of World Leading Designs we understand how to create highly engaging rebrand designs.

We work with you to ensure your future design not only meets the look and feel of your business but creates the image of a major online brand.

“Our designs are proven to increase sales by up to 30%”

To get started with your exciting future design, simply call us today on T: 01384 480 810 or visit us for more information:

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