Launching today, eBay Fashion Outlet launches in the US!

Already a huge success in the UK, eBay have today launched Fashion Outlet in the US. This exciting launch brings together some of the biggest high street fashion brands in the US under one roof, eBay Fashion Outlet US.

What is eBay fashion Outlet?

eBay Fashion Outlet is a one stop shopping location where buyers can find top fashion brands at fantastic prices.

It’s perfect for brands looking to increase their outlet product exposure and sales on one of the World’s largest online market places. At the moment, the main fashion focus is towards denims and provides discounts between 20-60%!

There are 12 exciting brands in fashion outlet, all with their own custom outlet store. Think of these outlet stores as an eBay store on steroids, pumped up with many exciting custom features including filtered searches and highly engaging custom brand store designs!

“Whoa! Those Fashion Outlet Stores look great!”

Yes, these stores look fantastic and are completely different from your standard eBay store. We’re proud to say we’ve designed 10 of the 12 top branded stores on eBay Fashion Outlet US!

By working closely with eBay and these major fashion brands, we’ve not only met the brands design requirements but also produced designs to our reputation of ‘World Leading Designs’.

We are the World’s Largest and Only eBay Certified provider that specialise in design, and this is just one of the many exciting reasons why we’re trusted by over 78,000 happy customers to deliver ‘World Leading Designs’.

How do I get into Fashion Outlet?

If you’re a large brand, contact us, and we can speak with your eBay account manager to see if you qualify for eBay Fashion Outlet with our World Leading Designs.

– eBay Oultets – Designed by Frooition

How can Frooition help?

Our designs are ‘World Leading’ and proven to increase your eBay Sales by up to a massive 30%!

Frooition, design services are available for all levels of eBay businesses, simply visit our website and contact us today!

A few reasons to choose Frooition for your future World Leading eBay Design:

• We are the World’s Largest eBay Design Company
• We are the World’s only eBay Certified Provider that specialises in Design
• All our designers work in house, no third party companies used
• Our designs are custom, and designed to your specification
• Our designs are proven to increase sales by up to a massive 30%!
and much more!

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