eBay express is everywhere, on myspace.com, pretty email and literature to exsiting eBayers…..eBay express in the UK is attracting the cream of the sellers. Only one problem is the lack of buyers. The states suffered the same downfall. One seller quoted only 3 sales in about 300 were from the eBay express marketplace.
I personally fail to see why. Ebay express is a potentially great marketplace for buyers! Why?

-All items must have a returns policy
-Sellers must have a 98% or more feedback on eBay
-Be genuine business sellers bound by distance selling regulations ( no fakes as well guys!)
-Items must be shipped within 3 days (no pre-ordering here)
-Payment by credit/debit card is taken by eBays Express Checkout
-Buy from multiple sellers and have a shopping cart like expereince!

eBay express is going to be the biggest e-commerce deptartment store of all time! But we need buyers! The sellers are up for it.

As said in a previous post eBay is running a TV ad for its main marketplace but not its new eBay express, and so far not attracting the new buyers it needs.

I am a new convert to the ways of eBay express and wish it the best. When your looking to buy on eBay remember to check eBay express. Its a better customer experience!

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