Valentine eBay Listing Themes

Valentines is just around the corner! Make the most of your Valentine sales with Valentine eBay listing themes and Froo Cross Sell! “Put the zing into your Valentines with Valentine eBay Listings” Designed for maximum engagement these eBay listings themes will enhance your customers buying experience and increase your Valentine sales. A few benefits of eBay Listing Template Themes: Increases your sales Enhance your customers Valentine buying experience Easily apply designs to your live eBay product listings Increases customer loyalty 100% FREE TRIAL (No Contracts, No Card Details and No Risk!) Don’t fancy using a Valentine theme? Not to worry! This fantastic app has over 5,000 different eBay listing themes to choose from! Each theme is designed for maximum engagement… Read more »

Reviewing and evaluating your plan

Reviewing and evaluating your plan When out hiking in the wilderness hikers constantly review their position to avoid getting lost and adding hours of time to their journey. Finally, when they arrive at their destination they reflect on the day’s journey discussing what routes went well and perhaps what to avoid next time. Similarly you need to review your plan regularly to ensure you are on target and evaluate the performance of your project. Reviewing your plan By regularly reviewing and monitoring your plan you’ll be able to reflect on your current progress and consider implementing changes where required. To avoid getting lost you should ask yourself: Are we making progress? Why is a particular process not working well? Do… Read more »

Running your plan…

Running Your Plan Running a plan is like taking a night drive home, even though you can only see 50 feet in front of you at times, you know eventually you’ll get there. You may need to adjust your route several times depending on what becomes visible, but sticking fast to your objectives and watching the road you’ll find the quickest and safest route to your destination. Likewise with a plan, unexpected events will happen along the way and you may need to update and deviate perhaps several times but by drawing back to your objectives and holding fast to your plan you will get there. Stay Fuelled – Your Mindset If you want to make the whole journey you… Read more »

It’s all in the planning…

“Fail to plan, plan to fail…” We’ve all heard this before, and how true it is! Have you ever gone food shopping and thought, if only I’d drawn up a shopping list, I wouldn’t miss a thing; I’d be done in half the time, and best of all without having to wrestle my way through the shop feeling exhausted and confused at the end like I’ve achieved nothing. Whether planning your shopping trip, starting a business, or creating your marketing campaigns things always go smoother with a plan. Benefits of planning: Saves time limits distractions Increases productivity Massively reduces stress And you’ll feel good too! Where do I start? First off, take a breath, it’s not as complicated as you… Read more »

The Importance of Rebranding

The Importance of Rebranding The importance of rebranding has never been so critical; with new enhanced technology released almost daily your business needs to respond quickly to maintain the image associated with the latest products, new trends and to retain confidence. Companies typically rebrand: To differentiate themselves from competitors To shed a negative image To meet emergent situations “Remaining current and relevant is key for maximum engagement” When you consider in today’s market clients can choose not only how and when, but if they want to engage with you, you soon realise that this window of engagement is very narrow; being seen as current and relevant is key for maximum engagement. Being Current Fashion is the greatest example of being… Read more »

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year From us all at Froo Want to know Last minute postal dates for the United Kingdom? UK – Royal Mail – Visit the Royal Mail website for More Indepth Details   Want to know Last minute postal dates for the United States? US – USPS  – Visit the USPS website for More Indepth Details Like this? Like us on Facebook!

Custom Seasonal eBay Message Boxes – It’s Not too late

It’s not too late, create custom boxes to update clients of your Christmas closing times, last minute Christmas Deals, or even to wish them a Merry Christmas; you can even announce your exciting January sale! For as little as £5 Frooition customers can add these great custom eBay banners to your eBay store and enhance your customers shopping experience with you. The Process: Login to your Frooition Software Choose Your Desired Background Design At the checkout, add your text you would like included within the promo box (max 100 characters). Frooition will then apply it to your store front. After the holiday season frooition will remove the custom box for you. Examples:   Login to our Frooition software today and take… Read more »

Make this your best Christmas with Froo Top Tips

To help make this your best Christmas ever, we have put together a short collection of our top tips and helpful marketing articles and tools from 2011. Quick guides and tools to increase your eBay sales: Increase your eBay sales by optimising your eBay listing titles Choosing the right keywords is crucial for your eBay listing strategy, often making the difference between being found and making the sale and not… When building your eBay product listing titles, consider… FREE eBay App’s to increase your Christmas Sales As we know, the number one reason to sell on eBay is to make money, and these easy to use eBay Apps help you do just that; we have five fantastic Apps to choose… Read more »

Christmas Templates Showcase

Excitingly we’ve just reached 180 fantastic seasonal template themes for our eBay App, ‘Froo! Listing Template Theme Designs’! Sellers can now enjoy even more listing design templates at This exciting eBay app increases customer confidence and inspires trust through clever design. Our seasonal eBay listing design themes will differentiate you from your competitors, enhance your customers buying experience and are proven to increase your sales! A few key benefits of eBay App, Froo! Listing Template Theme Designs: Increases your sales! Enhances your customers buying experience Easily apply your chosen design to your live eBay product listings Increases customer loyalty Enhance and establish your brand on eBay Stand out from the competition Promote additional items in each listings Reduce seller… Read more »

Froo eBay Software Updates – Detailed!

Last week we released our new software update which dramatically enhances your eBay selling experience. Take a look below for a more detailed explanation of each exciting new feature including videos! New Key Features: A NEW eBay Store Management Interface – Looks beautiful! Presets for Listing to eBay – Literally halves your eBay listing times! Add fantastic external videos (including Youtube) to your eBay listings – Easy as 1, 2, 3! UK Motor Parts Compatibility – Amazing! Enhanced Image Upload and Hosting Features including batch watermarking! – Worry free! Import BigCommerce Product Inventory into Frooitions eBay Listing Tool – Helping you sell more! Import MagentoGo Product Inventory into Frooitions eBay Listing Tool – Helping you sell more! Bulk import your… Read more »