Linnworks has an enviable insight across the world of online retail. In reality, few organisations are better placed to foresee the opportunities and threats presented to online retailers in the year ahead.

With access to so much online retail insight, we were delighted to sit down with Simon Lye, Linnworks’ Commercial Partner Manager, for the second in our series of future gazing articles for the Frooition blog. These articles, which will be published throughout December, have been written to help us better understand where online retailers should focus their efforts in 2022 and the years ahead.

eCommerce Priorities for 2022

According to Simon, driving efficiencies through the implementation of best-in-class retail technology continues to be a priority for 2022.

“Retailers should implement the technology that allows them to achieve effective and rapid growth,” says Simon. “Having everything in one place, with an inventory and shipping management system, so you are not switching between multiple platforms, is going to be key to success in 2022.”

Simon believes that only when the right inventory management automation technology is in place will retailers be best able to embrace the marketplace in 2022 and beyond properly.

“Consumers feel empowered by marketplaces by factors such as choice and price,” says Simon. “It’s important to know that direct-to-consumer should be at the core of a retailer’s selling strategy with online marketplaces built-in.”

As retailers continue to adjust to life in the “new normal”, they are increasingly looking towards new marketplace opportunities.

“In a recent research study by Linnworks, 96% of retailers said the pandemic accelerated adoption of new sales channels,” says Simon.

Building a sustainable future for your retail business

Another priority for retailers in 2022 should be sustainability and reducing the impact their business has on the environment.

“In that same Linnworks survey, 44% of respondents said their companies already ran sustainable operations in some or all areas of their business,” says Simon.

Investing in a sustainable future isn’t just based on the principle of taking a stand and doing the right thing for the planet. It makes real commercial sense.

“64% of the retailers that have a sustainability strategy or ‘brand promise’ that is accessible to the general public did so in response to customer demand, says Simon.

About Linnworks

Linnworks is a leading commerce automation platform that enables the world’s major brands and retailers to manage their omnichannel inventory, orders and fulfilment from a single dashboard while providing deep insights across operations. By equipping brands and retailers to conduct commerce wherever their customers are, Linnworks powers businesses to drive growth and boost brand success. As both Amazon and eBay’s largest European commerce partner, Linnworks processes over $9 billion GMV each year globally and serves some of the world’s largest, most recognizable brands. For more information, please visit

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