eBay Motors Update – New Vehicles and Motorbikes!

Announced just this week, eBay are updating their Master Vehicle List to further enhance our buying and selling experience on eBay Motors. There are lots of new exciting changes for eBay motor enthusiasts, perhaps best to note is the new introduction of 25,000 motorbike makes and models ranging from 1905 to 2012!

Key Highlights:

  • eBay Motors US – Vehicles
    eBay Motor’s have updated their Master Vehicle List with an additional 35,000 vehicle makes and models including vehicles from 2012 and 2013 – now that’s forward planning!
  • eBay Motors US – Motorbikes
    eBay have just launched their brand new Master Vehicle List for Motorcycle Parts & Accessories. This includes a range of 25,000 different motorcycle models from 1905 to 2012!
  • eBay Motors UK
    eBay Motors UK have just updated their UK motors master vehicle list to include 20,000 extra vehicle makes and models including 2012 vehicle models!

These updates bring many benefits for both buyers and sellers including:

  • More Efficiency
    With more makes and models added to the master vehicle list, sellers can list more efficiently with one listing – saving time and money! In addition, by providing more compatible information for parts and accessories you can enjoy reduced seller questions, further increasing seller efficiency.
  • Increased relevant product exposure
    With improved listing details and compatibility information, your listings will appear in more relevant product searches – increasing product exposure and traffic!
  • More Sales
    With complete compatibility listings and increased relevant product exposure you can enjoy more sales!

Top Tips

  • Checkout our fantastic FREE eBay Category Feature Finder Tool
    This great tool makes it easy for sellers to find what’s required for each eBay listing category and if the category supports vehicle parts and compatibility.
  • Become familiar with the latest changes to eBay Motors to ensure the best listing experience.
  • Check back regularly!
    As a Certified eBay Provider and the World’s Leading eBay Design company we’re front runners for the latest eBay news and seller updates. Check back regularly to keep up to date with the latest online selling tips, strategies and eBay news!

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