eBay Links Policy Changes
When is this change happening?

From the 1st October 2011 the new rules will be enforced.

What is changing?

eBay are stopping any listings that have links or email addresses in the description. This also applies to non-clickable links e.g. “Visit our website at Frooition.com”.

In summary:

  • No email addresses within a description (clickable and non-clickable).
  • No website addresses (clickable and non-clickable)
  • Exception: Links to warranties, delivery information, technical specifications.
  • No shorten URLs at all (bit.ly etc), even if they link to an accepted page.
  • Linking to other eBay listings & store pages are fine.
  • New listings and relists that do not comply will be blocked from listing from 1st October, live listings and Good Til Cancel listings will need to comply by 2012.


  • Links that help the transaction on eBay, these may be links to warranties, delivery information or tech specs
  • Links to eBay store pages
  • Links to other eBay listings

I’m a Frooition customer, What do I need to do?

  • Check your listings to ensure you do not have any banned links (ensure you check headers & footers).
  • If you do find a link embedded in a Frooition Graphic – Raise a support ticket in the Frooition software and we will quote you for the work to remove the link from the graphic.
  • If you find a text link inside your listings you can either revise your listings individually, or you can use our fantastic “Frooition Bulk Revision” tool to search and replace the URL.

Find out more about the eBay Links Policy Change:

eBay’s news article: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/links2011.html

Visit the Frooition Knowledgebase to see what you can do to prevent eBay links policy violations.

Use Frooition Bulk Revision to remove links in bulk.

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