Efficiency and Buyer Confidence

Communication is vital in all walks of life and even more so when conducting business online, so great communication not only improves both buyer and seller confidence, but it creates a great shopping experience online.

Seller Suite: Making it easier to manage buyer emails:: Expected May  2011

In efforts to help you, eBay are releasing this exciting new update with eBay Seller Release 11.1, where you’ll be able to manage your communications with buyers all from one location.

What this means to you?

As a Seller, improved communication with your buyers can turn a bad shopping experience into a positive one; increasing feedback and generating further future sales. While as a buyer excellent communication with your seller will give you greater peace of mind and improved confidence, knowing your messages haven’t fallen into the black hole of online messaging.

Key Highlights

  • All email communications will be found in one location “Manage communications with buyers”.
  • You will be able to access your buyer-facing Automated Answers and Store newsletters within this same location.
  • Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro will be retired.
  • Two new emails are going to be introduced: an order confirmation and an order update email.
  • Sellers can personalise new emails with customisable sections, logos and tracking details.
  • Carrier names and tracking numbers can now be uploaded to My eBay, automatically triggering a new order update email to the buyer.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the new system “Manage communications with buyers” section
  • Familiarise yourself with the emails that your buyers will receive from eBay
  • If you use customised emails, backup the content from your existing email templates

Top Tips

  • Remember to keep communicating right through to the end of the transaction – this will enhance your customers buying experience with you, and they are more likely to rate you on the whole transaction.
  • Answering buyer questions is time intensive; however it is well worth the effort.
  • Interestingly nearly one-quarter of all questions from buyers are related to shipping, so it’s worth specifying as much as possible reference shipping i.e.- Specify Shipping Services and Costs

    – Specify handling time

    – Offer a shipping service that specifies tracking numbers

How we can help?

As part of our ongoing mission to help you ‘sell more online’, we produce exciting eBay solutions, these include top performing ‘eBay store designs’ and ‘eBay listing templates’. Not only do our designs result in more sales for you, improved credibility, but with improved transparency you can reduce the number of ‘Ask Seller Questions’, reducing your labour costs and creating more time for you to work on your eBay business.

Visit us today at www.frooition.com and contact us to see how we can help improve your selling experience.

Look to our blog tomorrow for the next eBay release update

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