Listing Analytics Tool :: Expected DATE: March 2011

Ever wondered what’s actually going on in your business?  eBay have the answer! As part of release 11.1 eBay are adding new Listing Analytic features to give sellers a better understanding of their listing performance.

Key Highlights

  • New Features give sellers a more comprehensive picture of their listings performance and increased visibility of sales so you can now see what is working best for you
  • Sellers can now track data in real-time or up to 30 days worth, across fixed price and auction-style listings presenting great comparison opportunities between similar products
  • Sellers can view active and completed listings (clicks / click through rates, sales, trended daily data graphs etc)

What do I need to do as a Seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with Analytics, and identify positive listing trends to respond monopolise on.

Top Tips

  • Track which products and product categories are performing best for you, once you know what sells you can invest further to catch more sales!
    Ask yourself why are they selling so well?
  • Track which products and product categories are not performing well for you, ask yourself why they might not be performing, i.e. is my product right for this time of year? Does my competition have listings which present greater confidence to your clients than your own? Are you overpriced in the market place?

Remember, knowledge is power, once you can identify rising new trends and product niches you can react sooner to catch more sales!

How we can help?
When you know what products are working for your business, it’s the prime time to roll out those hot products across all of your ecommerce platforms. We can help you reach your social following through Facebook Store Designs and Twitter accounts, simply visit our website for more information.

Look to our blog tomorrow for the next eBay release update…

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