eBay Policy & Other Changes

In efforts to continually advance and evolve eBay’s market place, eBay have updated their policies, please continue to read these interesting updates below:

Key Highlights
New global performance standards introduced (all except DE, UK, US)

  • From May 2011, minimum performance standards will be in place across all eBay sites
  • UK sellers who sell internationally can now get insight into their performance from the Seller Dashboard
  • From May 2011, sellers selling into countries outside of US, DE and UK will be required to meet new minimum global performance standards. The global standards allow for the extra time and cost of cross-border shipping
  • Later this year, sellers will be able to reach eBay Top-rated seller status in France, Italy, Canada and Australia based on their global performance standards.

Duplicate listings policy enforcement

  • From May 2011, sellers will no longer be allowed to have multiple listings for identical items
  • This is being  applied to fixed price listings across all categories making it easier for buyers to find and purchase
  • We recommend sellers convert duplicate listings into multi-quantity listings before mid-May 2011 or they will be ended automatically

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Familiarise yourself with the new minimum performance standards
  • Familiarise yourself with the new insight seller dashboard
  • Remove any duplicate listings
  • Consider using a bulk listing revision tool

How can we help?

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