Seller Release: 10.3
Announced: 13th July
Actioned: Q4 September

Today eBay have officially announced Seller Release 10.3. This release will be the last Seller release of the year. Most of the features below do not come into effect until September 2010. There are a lot of features that benefit both sellers and buyers, however they will cause more work for most sellers.

We have highlighted the major changes and useful information below:

PayPal Required for .it and .es. and will have PayPal as a mandatory required payment method, bringing it inline with and .com.

Item Condition for Vehicles

Listings in vehicle categories will now support the new Item Condition values & functionality (Read Our Blog Post about item Condition). Whilst this will not be mandatory until Q1 2011 it is good practice to apply this to your listings A.S.A.P as it will not only improve your search ranking but you may actually be penalised in search for not including the new item condition functionality.

If the thought of revising each one of your listings one by one is too much trouble why not try Froo! Bulk Revision and alter thousands of listings in bulk and take away the pain!

6 Categories to become an entirely Product Based Experiences

The product based experience (PBE) allows sellers to pull in standard information and stock photos.

You search for a product or type an EAN number/barcode and eBay returns useful information such as description and technical specifications.


The PBE will be fully adopted for the following Categories:

  • Cell Phone,
  • GPS,
  • MP3 Players,
  • Video Games Systems,
  • CDs
  • DVDs

The PBE catalogue information will not be mandatory however your listings will be penalised in search for not using this functionality. The PBE makes the listing process much faster, provides lots of correct information and reduces buyer questions. Frooition will be including this in future releases of the design management tool.

eBay to offer more payment methods

eBay are opening up the accepted payment methods to include Click and Buy as well as integrating merchant credit cards such as NoChex in the eBay checkout.

Changes to shipping to domestic regions

eBay have added more detailed to regional shipping. Sellers can now exclude specific regions from bidding or buying, change prices on a state/region level and alter shipping times. For example you charge a premium to ship to Hawaii or Northern Ireland through the eBay checkout.

Standardisation of Shipping

All shipping services will include a shipping time e.g. (Royal Mail 1st Class 2-3 days). This also applies to Selller’s Standard Rate, eBay are bringing in new levels to replace standard rate which will be:
Economy (6-9 days), Standard (3-5 days) and Overnight (24 hours).

This will affect anyone using GTC or automatic relisting rules/software.

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