What our customers say about us:

I would just like to give a massive thanks to Frooition for the fantastic job done on my ebay shop. exceeded all my expectations.
Frooition is an integral partner in our success on eBay.
Their understanding of e-commerce on eBay has given us a strategic advantage that has driven increased sales on eBay - Kitchen Aid
After using the new design, I can clearly see the increase in sales. I have never been happier!
Once again, thank you so much for the fantastic design and amazing service from beginning to end.
I can't say enough about the excellent work that Frooition has done on my design. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them, the designer listened to our thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend that you use Frooition for your eBay and Facebook design.
I am extremely pleased with Frooition Design for eBay and can report that from my experience, it is everything they say on their snazzy website, and more!
Working with the template to create ads on Ebay is incredibly easy, and it is essential in order to see rapid increases in sales. The design team is extremely accommodating.
I just want to express how absolutely THRILLED I am with Frooition Design for Ebay.
I first heard about Frooition when I attended Ebay Live in Chicago. I went into the show knowing that I needed to overcome several things before I could grow my business further. I didn't actually think that I NEEDED a better store design, I was happy with what I'd been using... until I sat down and listened to the sales presentation at the Frooition booth.
We looked over previous Frooition designs on the frooition site. We looked at sales success stories of companies before & after redesign. We obviously took this with a pinch of salt as we are in sales and understand the hype etc. HOWEVER! ITS TRUE our sales have doubled or more some lines tripled since we installed the new store!
It took a little while to work with the graphic design team, to work out exactly the look that I was trying to achieve. Once the new design was approved and installed, I couldn't believe the results. It was everything that the sales people at the Frooition booth promised, and more. And mostly, I was looking forward to it just LOOKING nice!
It is safe to say that the change in my sales over the first month has easily covered the cost of the Frooition fee!
When I have a free minute, I actually enjoy going to the front page of my eBay store, and just clicking on things to see what happens next. It is SO easy to get from one thing to the next, every aspect of the store works so smoothly. The categories work easily, and it is great to have several pictures of other items on every page. If I were a customer, I'd probably buy something!
I think that the rapid increase in sales for my business has been because I sat down right away, during the first few days after installation, and transferred over as many ads as I could to the new template. Every new auction that is generated now, uses the new template.
I was initially concerned about how much time it would take to prepare an ad with the Frooition system, but again, I am more than pleased. The template is extremely easy, and it saves me SO MUCH time over the template service I was using previously. This time savings is money in the bank too, because I can be so much more productive.
Last year I did $36K in annual sales. So far this month I've done $10K. I'll check my math at the end of the month, but pretty sure I've already paid off the new frooition store. I don't even have time to add new products. I'm gonna have to take a day or two off work. Thank you so much.
Frooition's expertise helped us take our business to the next level, we now have an established brand and are recognised as one of the foremost suppliers of hip-pop jewellery.
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