eBay Policy Compliant Design

Frooition provide dynamic, responsive eBay designs that work within eBay's policies.
Frooition services and products have been certified by eBay to guarantee quality and
safety for sellers.

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Our most popular
design package
Our most powerful
eBay design package

Advanced eBay

Step ahead with clever cross selling and design.
  • 3 column product page design
  • Mobile responsive product pages
  • Auto update dynamic categories
  • Auto update dynamic cross promotion
  • Seller information tabs
  • Design management & listing software
  • Compatible with all 3rd party listing tools
  • 3 months hosting and delivery

Advanced Design

Our most popular
design package

Topseller eBay

Designed to meet the needs of established sellers.
  • All the features of Advanced, plus:
  • 1,2 or 3 Column product page Design
  • Dynamic top-level subheader categories*
  • Header custom search links*
  • Footer custom search links*
  • Side promotion banner*
  • Brand search boxes*
  • Logo design*
  • 6 months hosting and delivery

Topseller Design
* Choice of 4 options
Our most powerful
eBay design package

Infinity eBay

Maximum flexibility and control
  • Everything from Topseller, Plus:
  • 4 differing product page designs
  • 1*,2* or 3 column product page design
  • 12 months 2Gb image hosting
  • 12 months bulk revision subscription
  • 12 months hosting and delivery
  • 12 months Auto Apply

Infinity Design
* Choice of 6 options

HTTPS:// Compliant eBay Design

Google Chrome browser is making changes to its security standards and how it communicates web privacy to users.

Starting in October 2017, Chrome users will see the message "Not secure" in the browser's address tab when they visit HTTP pages and HTTPS pages that include HTTP content. Other web browsers will likely follow suit and make similar changes in the future.

eBay will begin using the HTTPS protocol for listings in October 2017, but if sellers have used non-secure, HTTP content in their listings, Google Chrome still considers the page to be not secure.

To ensure that your buyers don't see the "Not secure" message when Chrome makes its October update, eBay is making a change to how desktop users view such content in item descriptions. Listings with HTTP content will have a button reading "See full item description."

HTTPS-compliant listings will continue to be shown as normal.

Frooition eBay designs are already HTTPS compliant, and so will not be affected.

All Frooition images and CSS are HTTPS.


eBay Link Policy Compliant Design

eBay no longer allow the use of web links, web addresses, phone numbers within designs. This policy applies whether the link is clickable or not, and includes any attempts to direct a customer off a page. It extends to all member-created content, such as listings, Stores pages, Stores headers, seller profile pages, newsletters, and images, etc.

Breaking eBay's link policy can lead to your account suspension on eBay.

Links that direct customers to other eBay pages are allowed. This includes links to the eBay certified provider directory; eBay Messages, other eBay items, custom pages, Follow Seller, or Add to my Favorite Sellers features.


eBay Active Content Policy Compliant Design

Active content is a broad term which covers any type of nonstandard text that can be included in item descriptions to provide additional functionality. Examples of active content include Javascript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions which can be used to create features such as cross-promotion modules or video players.

Active content no longer renders within eBay listings.

Frooition active content free designs have a full range of features, including:

  • Dynamic cross selling features (unique to Frooition)
  • Dynamic promotional features (unique to Frooition)
  • Video in listings (unique to Frooition)


What Does eBay Certified Mean?

eBay created their certified provider program in 2004 to act as "the de facto stamp of quality for seller tools on eBay".

Research by eBay in 2011 found that sellers were mostly using certified providers to try and make changes easier.

Wanting to ensure that sellers were getting the best possible advice from their certified providers, eBay decided to work with a smaller pool of providers, whom they could then work even more closely with.

Thousands of tools are available, but only a select few providers work regularly with eBay to keep up with eBay changes and help make these changes a lot easier for sellers.

The close relationship between eBay and certified providers ensures that sellers get the best guidance possible from them when changes happen.

eBay use the following criteria to determine if a provider is eligible to join the certified provider program:

Marketplace Impact: eBay select developers who are impacted the most by eBay changes and who can make the most impact on your business.

Customer Satisfaction: eBay gauge customer satisfaction through annual customer surveys and ongoing product review.

Feature Support: Certified Providers must support the features customers need the most to be a part of the program.

There are certified providers creating tools for everything on eBay; from buyer communication, to shipping, listing and design.

eBay have published a full list of certified providers:


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