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One account - Multiple Designs

Selling with multiple listing designs gives you the freedom to present your
business in multiple different ways or even sell as different businesses
from one eBay account.

  • Build positive feedback by selling in multiple categories from one
  • Strengthen brand affiliation and build trust with branded templates
  • Inspire customers with category themed templates
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Multiple template case study:

cd category template

CD category

Items listed to the CD category automatically use the CD template. This uses blue as the highlighted color and links to the CD category

cd category template

DVD category

Items listed to the DVD category automatically use the DVD template. This uses orange as the highlighted color and cross promotes other DVDs

cd category template

Blu-ray category

Items listed to the Blu-Ray category automatically use the Blu-ray template. This uses purple as the highlighted color and links to Blu-rays

We just wanted to have a little subtle difference between categories.

With our designers help I think we achieved this perfectly.

We still list how we have always done and the Auto Apply rules take care of the rest for us! Awesome!!

Mick - The Media Seller

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