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eBay Bulk Revision

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Update thousands of listings in a few clicks!

Our new improved bulk revision takes an already great product to new levels. Easily update thousands of listings in minutes. Save yourself days of work and hundreds in wages.

New & Improved:

The new Bulk Revision software now leverages eBay product caching to speed up listing revisions. Instead of loading products from eBay a few hundred at a time. Sellers can edit thousands of listings by filtering which products to revise and picking the revision they need with just a few clicks.

What's New?

Revision queuing
The software now queues revisions so you no-longer have to process a page of 200 revisions
Background processing
Revisions are now processed in the background, once you select what revisions to make they are queued in the background. When you revisit the dashboard you can see a progress chart of how far the revisions have progressed
Multi-threaded revisions
The software now processes multiple revisions at a time cutting the revision time by up to 8 times!
Improved filtering
Sellers can now use advanced filtering using category and even filter by design template
New Revisions
Sellers can revise even more things in listings including: Seller info tabs, parts compatibility and apply multiple templates to specific categories

8x faster than the original Bulk Revision!

OMG that is amazing, been looking for a bulk revision like that for years, I can now go on holiday and change the handling time on all listings in one go, thank you so much! Jeff Pipe Werx Bikes

What can be revised?

Filter by:
  • Design status New
    • Choose listings with no design or a specific template
  • eBay Site New
    • Filter listings on a specific eBay site - e.g.
  • Listing Type New
    • Select Fixed Price, Auction or Classified
  • eBay Category New
    • Target listings in particular categories
  • Title keyword match
    • Search for items to revise
  • Item Specific match New
    • Choose items based on item specific e.g. Color=Red


  • Add a template
  • Remove a template
  • Change your multi-template New
  • Description

  • Update Seller Tabs New
  • Apply seller tab set New
  • Find & replace title
  • Find & replace subtitle
  • Find & replace description
  • Add to description
  • Change item condition New
  • Shipping

  • Change handling time
  • Update PayPal address
  • Pricing

  • Change Start price
  • Alter Buy it Now price
  • Increase/decrease reserve price
  • Update Quantity
  • Parts

  • Add parts compatibility (UK, AU, Motors/US) New
  • Remove parts compatibility (UK, AU, Motors/US)New
  • Motorcycle parts compatibility (UK, Motors/US) New
  • How does it work?

    Filter Products

    Select the products to revise

    Choose Revision

    Set revision settings

    Add to Queue

    Your revisions are queued. You can now close the browser

    Update eBay Listings

    The system automatically updates your listings

    Update dashboard

    The dashboard lets you know when the revision is complete

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