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eBay's Promoted listings allow sellers to sponsor items and aim for the top spot in eBay search to leverage a competitor advantage.

Promoted Listings Standard gives sellers a super simple way to easily promote items: Simply select the items you want to promote, set a percentage of sale you are willing to pay as a comission and eBay will promote your items. When the item sells you pay that percentage to eBay on top of your normal fees.

This is known as a Cost Per Sale (CPS) model.

Promoted Listings Advanced is a new solution for higher priced items or items with lower margins. Instead of paying a percentage per sale, eBay have introduced a new Cost Per Click (CPC) model. Simply put, you select your item keywords and then bid to pay per click regardless if the items sells.

With our powerful Frooition Freedom software and reporting you can prune your keywords and budgets to become highly optimised and a very cost effective form of advertising.

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eBay Advertising

Which Advertising method should I use?


Promoted Listings Standard is really easy to setup, once setup it is fully automated, it's very low risk because you only pay when you sell, the fees can be a high percentage to remain competitive in crowded categories.

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Advanced New!

Promoted Listings Advanced gives sellers much more control over PLS, choose exactly what keywords you want to bid on to avoid unneccesary costs, aim for long-tail keywords for maximum efficiency.

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eBay Promoted Listings Standard

Cost Per Sale Advertising

Set your first campaign up in minutes, agree what percentage you will pay and keep full control of your advertising budget product by product.

Control Budget

Your budget will never get out of control, you will only ever pay when you sell an Item.

Fully Automated

eBay automatically take care of the relevant search terms based on your title, description and categories.


Massively increase the visibility of your top items across eBay and related sites. Combine with Cross promotion to increase sales even further.

Ad insights

eBay let you know what items will perform as well as suggesting what budget would be competitive.

eBay Promoted Listings Standard
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eBay Promoted Listings Advanced New!

Pay Per Click Advertising

eBay have partnered with Frooition to allow sellers early access to Promoted Listings Advanced. The only way to access PLA is through an eBay Certified software platform including Frooition Freedom, available now.

Just like the eBay Promoted Listings standard, you can promote your products to more sellers and grow your sales, however instead of paying for every sale you pay per click at much lower rates.

Not all products have the margin to compete with competitors, that's where the Cost Per Click model can benefit. Tailor and prune your keywords, manage budgets and completley optimise your eBay promoted listings.

Lower Costs

Bid for clicks from just $0.20 / £0.20 per click.
You can also control spend with daily budgets

Greater Control

Use eBay data suggestions and other channels to control exactly what terms your listings show for.

Aim for high-performing, longtail, keywords over broader terms

Real-time reporting

The Frooition software provides up to the minute reporting for keyword performance. See the return on investment for each product and keyword.

Continuous Improvement

Use the in-built reporting to see which keywords work and prune those that don't. Your campaigns will continuously improve over time becoming more and more cost efficient.

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced

How does eBay Promoted Listings Advanced work?

Promoted Listings Advanced provides you with recommended listings and keywords to help set your campaigns up for success.

Recommended listings have the potential to benefit from being promoted because they have appeared in the top 200 slots of the search results in the past 30 days. Newly listed items or items that have not received enough impressions in search results may not be included in the recommendation set.

Suggested Keywords are search terms that eBay have determined are relevant and likely to perform well in your campaign. eBay evaluate keywords based on how frequently they’ve been used in recent searches and how relevant those searches are to the recommended listings in your campaign. Suggested keywords are designed to help you target buyers who are actively looking for items like yours.

To help optimise campaigns, eBay provide you with suggested bids and bid ranges for all suggested keywords. As Advanced campaigns are based on a cost-per-click model, you get to choose how much each click is worth to you.

The suggested bid ranges are based on aggregate bids from listings that have previously appeared in the top slot of the search results. Using the suggested bids and bid ranges can help take the guesswork out of benchmarking the amount you're willing to bid.

eBay PPC Bid on suggested keywords or add your own keywords

eBay PPC Control and monitor budgets easily

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all eBay sellers eligible for eBay Promoted Listings Advanced?

    No, Promoted Listings Advanced is currently in a small beta that is invite-only.

    As soon as the product becomes available with its full feature set, everyone who is eligible will be notified and able to access it.

    Register Below and Frooition will check if your account is eligible for PLA. PLS is available for all sellers.

  • Why should I use eBay Promoted Listings Advanced?

    Promoted Listings Advanced gives you the high visibility you want and the control you need to increase sales on eBay.

    Advanced campaigns currently let you bid for the top slot in search with control over your daily budget, keyword selection, and how much you are willing to pay for each click that your ad accrues.

    For sellers looking to gain more insight into performance metrics, Promoted Listings Advanced also provides listing-level and keyword-level reporting to help you monitor your performance.

  • Which Listings support eBay Promoted Listings Advanced?

    Sellers can promote fixed price listings sold on the US or UK sites for most categories.

    Exceptions include:

    • Wholesale & Job Lots
    • Motorcycles & Vehicles
    • Events Tickets
    • Property
    • E-Cigarettes
    • Vapes & Accessories
    • Everything Else categories

    Auction and Auction Buy It Now listings are not eligible at this time.

  • How is Promoted Listings Advanced different from Promoted Listings Standard

    Both variations of Promoted Listings help your items stand out among billions of listings across the eBay network and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching for what you’re selling, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

  • Will my listings automatically win the top slot in search when I advertise with Promoted Listings Advanced?

    No. Each time a buyer searches for a product, our algorithm will determine which listing is shown in the top slot using a variety of factors, including keyword relevancy, bid amount, available budget, and listing quality

  • When will my Promoted Listings Advanced ad appear?

    Your ad will only be displayed when a buyer searches for a keyword that you’re bidding on and that you win the auction for.

    Simply bidding on a keyword does not guarantee that your listing will appear. To increase the likelihood that your ad will win the auction, you should promote quality listings and set competitive keyword bids.

    Keywords are currently targeted using exact match with variants.

    When buyers search for items using the exact keywords you’ve selected, your ads will be considered for display via Promoted Listings Advanced. Exact match with variants could allow for slight variations like singulars/plurals, upper/lower case, common misspellings and some abbreviations.

  • Do eBay Promoted Listings Standard and Promoted Listings Advanced listings look different?

    No, the listings will look the same and both feature the “Sponsored” badge regardless of the ad campaign they are in.

  • Is there a Minimum and Maximum daily budget?

    Yes. There is a $1.00 minimum and a $1,000,000.00 maximum daily budget.

  • How are Keywords Targeted?

    Keywords are currently targeted using exact match with variants. When buyers search for items using the keywords you've selected, your ads will be considered for placement with Promoted Listings Advanced.

    Exact match allows for slight variations like synonyms, misspellings, capitalization, and abbreviations. For example:

    One of your keywords is Men’s basketball shoes

    Your ad may appear for:

    • Man’s basket ball shoes
    • men’s basketball sneakers
    • Mens Basketball Shoes

    Your ad will not appear for:

    • Men’s basketball sneakers and clothing
    • Popular sneakers for basketball players
  • How can I Start using eBay's promoted Listings Advanced / CPC for eBay?

    eBay's new CPC advertising model (Promoted Listings Advanced) is only available through select eBay Gold Partners such as Frooition.

    Sellers can sign up for a free 30 day trial at

    30 Day Free Trial*
  • How do I Advertise on eBay?

    Advertising on ebay, also known as promoted listings, is really simple. Using the Frooition software makes it much easier to manage and start advertising on eBay.

    • Decide if you want to use a Pay Per Sale (Promoted listings standard) or Pay Per Click model (Promoted listings Advanced)
    • Promoted Listings Standard
      • Select the items you want to promote
      • Agree a percentage cost per sale
      • Start your campaign
      • EBay takes care of all the keywords
      Further Reading
    • Promoted Listings Advanced
      • Set a maximum daily spend
      • Select the items you want to promote
      • Set costs per click from $0.20/£0.20
      • Choose your keywords for your AdGroup (eBay provide suggestions)
      • Start your campaign
      • Review your search terms and add negative keywords to improve your campaign effectiveness

    30 Day Free Trial*
  • Does it cost to advertise on eBay?

    Yes, in addition to the standard listing fee's there are additional fees for Promoting listings.

    Depending upon the methodology you choose depends how you are charged.

    For Promoted Listings Standard you agree a percentage of the sale price and only pay this percentage when an item sells. The percentages charged depend on the amount of competition but sellers are always in control of the final percentage. The percentage is typically between 10% - 15% of the product price.

    For Promoted Listings Advanced you agree a cost per click and you pay up to this amount for every click regardless of whether the item sells. The fee can be as low as $0.20 / £0.20 per click.

  • Does eBay offer Advertising?

    Yes, eBay offers advertising in the form of Promoted listings, they offer a cost per sale model and a cost per click model.

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