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eBay Active Content

Active content will be disabled in all eBay listings starting from June 2017.

Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins. Common forms of active content in eBay listings include; rotating image galleries, cross promotion features and stock tickers.

Sellers with active content will need to update their listings to become compliant with eBay's new rules.

How does this affect Frooition's services?

As an eBay certified provider of design, we have re-developed our services to offer the same great functionality on an Active Content Compliant platform.

Frooition are recommended by eBay on their replacing active content page.

All Frooition eBay listing designs created during 2016 and 2017 are Active Content Compliant.

We offer the following great features on listings without any use of active content:

Do you have Active Content in your current listings?

We have also developed a listing rescue service for people who have non Frooition listing designs, clearing Active Content from their live listings in the fastest way possible. Unique to Frooition

We will then apply your new design on behalf of the seller, saving weeks of work!

Existing Frooition Customers

Frooition customers who are concerned that they may have active content in their listings should book in for a free listing review.

We will do all the work, including converting existing listings to be Active Content Compliant well ahead of the eBay deadline.

If you have an old Frooition design and want to fast-track your conversion, why not speak to us about a vastly reduced re-design?

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