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Company Profile

Beulah's Candyland is a confectionary store based out of Pennsylvania, United States. They are a small, family owned business with a dedicated team of long term employees.

In addition to the online stores they also have 3 retail locations.

Business Situation

The team behind Beulah's Candyland wanted to recreate the olde worlde feel of a traditional sweet store with a clean and modern feel.

They wanted to display the breadth of stock without creating a cluttered feel.

What made you trust Frooition?

We had seen the quality of the work Frooition had done in the past.

We have worked with Frooition for both our eBay and Shopify designs. Our designer was very accomodating and came up with some great ideas.

What did you think of the final design that was installed?

We really like the "Old Fashion Candy Store" concept throughout the design. It is simple, yet attractive.

We loved the curtains and the awning effect.

Overall...a very nice design to work with...

Company Profile

Universal Gadgets started from a spare room in a London flat and in 7 years has gone to a 1,200 Sq Ft warehouse fulfilling over 2,500 items every day. They feature in the tabloids for being the top seller on eBay's rich list, raking in £17m a year just from eBay Sales.

Business Situation

We have chosen to use Frooition yet again to redesign our store for two reasons the first being eBay's new active content policy and Frooition's vast knowledge of the platform and rules and also we felt that a redesign was in order to keep our shop up to date and exciting.

What made you trust Frooition?

We have worked previously with Frooition and from start to finish, the whole experience was fast, friendly and exactly what we were after.

What did you most enjoy about working with Frooition?

Their online platform can be used to keep track of progress of the design and build at every stage, on here you can ask questions and be kept updated at all times.

What did you think of the final design that was installed?

The final design was very bold and eye catching, which is what is needed on an online selling platform, it is easy to look like everyone else selling on eBay, what is hard is creating your own style with the limited layout functionality available and Frooition pulled this off no problem.

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