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How To: Setup eBay store

Setup your eBay Store for success

EBay is a worldwide e-commerce destination, no longer is it a 2nd hand, auction based platform. Over 80% of items sold on eBay are brand new stock.

Over the last 15 years, Frooition have helped thousands of sellers start selling products through eBay, including premium brands such as Microsoft, HP, Calvin Klein, Target, Dyson and hundreds more.

Dyson eBay Design

Our expertise in eBay multi-channel design and listing software places us in a unique position to help guide new sellers through the pitfalls and opportunities of eBay Selling.

Why consider selling on eBay?

The main reason to start selling on eBay is the amount of buyers on the platform at anyone time. You can list an item in seconds and have hundreds of buyers see that item within a day or two, this isn't possible for a bootstrapped e-commerce website.

EBay is a unique platform as they don't compete with sellers, they don't sell anything themselves and have buyers interest at heart, if the platform is good for buyers then it is good for sellers.

Free eBay store setup guide

We have put together a comprehensive guide to setting up your eBay store for success. In it we cover:

Free eBay Guide
  • Which store type you should sign up to
  • What fees & restrictions you may face
  • Tips for structuring your categories
  • How to win the eBay buy box
  • Improving your sales with design
    + More

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Free eBay setup guide

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