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If you want to sell more on a highly competitive marketplace like eBay, you’ll understand the importance of making your listings stand out.

A custom design template from Frooition won’t just make your eBay listings look great. Instead, it will enhance your customers’ shopping experience, helping build consumer trust and confidence in your eBay listings along with brand awareness.

More importantly, our clients tell us they typically see a 30% increase in sales after implementing a Frooition custom eBay design templates.

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Custom eBay Design Templates

A Custom eBay Design Template from Frooition allows your business to include the following important elements in your eBay listings:

  • Professional Branding
    Make your listings stand out from your competition. Professional branding helps differentiate your business from private sellers and less professional competitors.
  • Dynamic eBay Categories
    Frooition’s software updates your eBay template listings multiple times a day, updating your category
    list. When you add, edit or remove a category, every listing will update automatically, saving you hours
    of work and increasing impressions around your eBay listings.
  • Dynamic Cross Promotion
    Retain and encourage buyers to visit complimentary or alternative items in your eBay store rather
    than them returning to the core eBay search and potentially losing your buyers to the competition.
  • Mobile Responsive
    All Frooition eBay listing templates are fully mobile responsive across all devices and the eBay App.
    Ensuring your eBay listings are always brand consistant regardless of the customer views your listings.
  • eBay Software Suite
    You will also received 30-days free access to our eBay software suite, for tools such as our eBay listing
    tool, eBay item reporting tools, eBay advertising tools, and much more.

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Certified Gold eBay Partners

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As a Certified Gold eBay Partner, Frooition’s eBay Design Templates are always guaranteed to comply with the latest eBay rules and best practices.

This guarantee ensures your templates always display as you intended, and your listings aren’t penalised for poor coding and unreliable hosting or dismissed by buyers as unprofessional due to broken design.

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Want to try before you buy? A FREE Universal Template from Frooition allows your to create your own branded sales environment on eBay. Your template will display all of your product, company, and shipping information in a clear, easy-to-digest format.

Once you see how a simple Universal eBay Template improves the look of your listings and drives more sales, you’ll want to learn more about our Custom eBay Design Templates to increase sales on eBay further.

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What will a Custom eBay Design Template do for me?

Increase your sales

Grow your sales by up to 30%
Get more listing views per customer
Sell more items per sale

Easy to use

List your products and auto-apply your design
Import your listing and list through Frooition
Clean old and broken code out of your listings

Generate Brand Loyality

Become a recognised brand on eBay
Look more professional and increase trust
Drive traffic to your eCommerce store