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Frooition is the only certified provider of eBay design and established eBay Gold Partners. We help sellers of all sizes to build their brand on eBay. Designs supported by unique software, make it simple to sell more.

All Frooition designs are fully responsive, https secure and active content compliant.

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The Benefits

Frooition design comes with access to our unique software which makes eBay business quick and simple to control.

Frooition design projects your brand identity on eBay, adding character and professionality to your listings. This encourages trust and customer loyalty to your brand.

Frooition design gives you lots of extra sales boosting features, and the ability to add extra product pictures, or even video within your listings.

Professional, high functioning design improves sales.

Our unique intelligent design features such as dynamic categories and dynamic cross promotion save you time and improve customer experience, only promoting live and relevant listings to your customers.

Grow eBay sales by Cross Selling

One of the most powerful features of Frooition’s eBay design services are the dynamic cross selling sections within every product template.

What is intelligent dynamic Cross Selling?

Cross Selling on eBay offers alternative products within each eBay listing. The aim is to grab the attention of the buyer and encourage them to visit a sellers other items rather than returning to the core eBay search.

Successful cross selling directly increases sales, boosts conversion rates, improves click-through and average basket orders. A positive side effect of cross selling is it also boosts brand awareness – the more listings a customer views, the more exposure to your brand they receive.

eBay Advertising

eBay Ads – eBay Promoted Listings

Powered By Boost Analytics

Frooition’s eBay Ads Manager tool, powered by Boost Analytics, is now available for all sellers to use to achieve a better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on their eBay Promoted Listing campaigns.

Our eBay Ads Manager tool allows sellers to use eBay Promoted listings strategically, to promote listings, and aim for the top spot in eBay search to leverage more visibility and clicks into your listings, helping increase sales conversion rates (SCR).

With performance data, metrics, analysis, and actions, all in one easy to understand dashboard.

“Sellers who have adopted Promoted Listings see, on average, a double-digit sales increase.”

eBay Advertising

Optimise Listings for better visibility

Poorly optimised eBay listings will not only underperform organically on eBay but also when in a eBay Ads Campaign. This can result in these poorly optimised listings mis-spending your eBay advertising budget, and having a poor return on ad spend (ROAS).

Boost Analytics is the all-in-one sales and optimisation tool to help eBay Sellers with:

  • Maximising eBay Listing Performance.
  • eBay Listing Optimisation.
  • Easy Item Specifics.
  • In Depth listing analysis.
  • eBay listings impressions, click through rate, sales conversion rate reports.
  • Optimised Sales Analysis.
  • Which listings are suitable for Promoted Listings & Much More…
Optimise Listings