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How To Leverage Video To Enhance and Promote Your eBay Listings

eBay Video

We talk a lot about how video can optimise your eBay listings here at Frooition. Video will not only improve your eBay listings health score in terms of visibility, but it also acts as an incredible conversion enhancer. This is a fact supported by many of our clients who tell us they have seen a 15 to 30% uplift in conversions when adding video to their eBay listings. Video Has Changed Video used to be expensive and difficult to produce. This fact meant that video was somewhat out of reach of most small business sellers on a platform like eBay. However, as with so many other things in our lives, the smartphone changed everything. Everyone now carries all equipment to… Read more »

Gravity 360: Introducing 360 Spin Videos for eBay

360 spin videos

At Frooition, we are big believers in the power of video to increase sales conversions. This is because our clients tell us that they typically see an increase of anywhere between 15% and 30% in conversions when they add video to their eBay listings. Video is particularly useful in highly visual categories such as home and garden, and fashion, where a static image might not showcase an item to its maximum potential. Video also helps sellers of more complex items, such as technology, auto parts, musical instruments or anything else that would benefit from a quick visual and audio explanation to demonstrate a product’s features. Sellers can also use video to showcase their product or industry knowledge, highlight their professional… Read more »

How to Optimise Your eBay Listings with Video

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Here at Frooition, we help eBay sellers drive sales by creating custom designs and optimising listings. One of the easiest ways to increase buyer engagement is to add video to your listings. Our clients tell us that they are seeing anywhere between a 15 and 30% increase in conversions from listings including video. It’s incredibly easy to add video to your eBay listings using Frooition’s listing software. Remember, you don’t have to have videos for all of your products right away. Start by focusing on a handful of your best sellers, and then gradually add more videos as and when you can find the time. Your videos don’t have to be particularly complex or expensive to shoot. You probably already have all the technology you need to film and edit your video… Read more »