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Last Posting Dates – Christmas 2013

Christmas is just over a month away and sales are in full swing.  High streets are switching on their lights and Christmas trees appearing in people’s windows. The key to a successful Christmas for online sellers is being prepared and planning well. To help sellers plan for the last few weeks of Christmas we have collated the last posting dates for the most popular services: UK Service Destination Last Posting Date: Royal Mail 2nd Class & 2nd Class Royal Mail signed for UK Inland Wednesday 18th December 1st Class & 1st Class Royal Mail signed for UK Inland Friday 20th December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed UK Inland Friday 23rd December International Airmail Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand… Read more »

Business Christmas List 2013 – Part 3:December

December is nearly here, and you are almost out of time to get new stock and process it, so now comes the task of ensure you are running your business smoothly. There are a few things left to add to your plan for Christmas: Prepare for returns Things break, buyers make the wrong purchase and people get buyer’s remorse, don’t see returns as a personal insult to you and your business, they are all part of life as an online seller. The more you sell the more returns you are likely to get. Things to prepare: Get up to speed with business and consumer rights for all areas you sell to Ensure you know your rights with courier insurance policies… Read more »

Introducing eBay Profiles & eBay Collections

In an effort to help sellers drive interest and sales to their products and services, eBay have today launched two new features: eBay Profiles and eBay Collections. EBay Profiles: EBay have made a move to become more social with the creation of user profiles. All users, whether buyer or seller, have access to a customisable profile page. Users can write a short description of themselves or their business, upload a logo or profile picture as well as add a new profile cover. The eBay profile cover is similar to the Facebook’s cover images and shows off a user’s style perfectly. User Profiles contain: User description Information about a seller or buyer Feedback information Links to items for sale and store… Read more »

Business Christmas List 2013 – Part 1:October

The holiday season is fast approaching, you’re busy running around sourcing product, refining your lines, checking your best sellers and preparing for special promotions. The key to a successful holiday season is to prepare well, with a good solid plan everyone in your business knows what you need to do and when it needs doing. It also highlights if things are moving off plan and allows you to quickly react and adjust. Planning correctly can be a daunting task, with that in mind we have produced a 3 part Christmas selling plan that you can adapt and follow for yourself! When is Christmas? It seems like a simple question; however, for a retailer Christmas doesn’t start in December. Most high… Read more »

How to identify and fix images that break eBay’s picture standards policy

In the recent eBay Seller Information release eBay announced that they were introducing a new, mandatory, picture standards policy to create a better buying experience as well as increase sales. Click here to read the details for the policy. For some customers this will mean that they need to change some of their existing images, identifying which images breach the policy and replacing them can be a daunting and difficult task. Fortunately Frooition customers need not worry as we have recently created a fantastic addition to our storefront management software. Available for all Frooition Pro customers, it identifies any images that breach the policy and provide feedback explaining why they breach the policy. This valuable addition to the Frooition software… Read more »

FREE eBay Bulk Revision Tool for eBay Motors Parts Compatibility

eBay are updating their Master Vehicle List to further enhance your buying and selling experience on eBay.com motors (US). There are lots of exciting changes to eBay motors; perhaps the best to note is the new introduction of boats to eBay Parts Compatibility. The problem… In order to benefit from this update US sellers will need to revise and update their Motor Part listings with the correct parts and compatibility information. This causes a particular problem for boat part sellers who have 100’s and in some cases 1000’s of listings to revise; costing a considerable amount of time and money. The solution! Frooition, the world’s only eBay Certified Provider that specialises in design have updated their powerful eBay bulk revision… Read more »

How important is your data?

How important is your data? I’ve met many top marketers in my time and yet you’d be amazed as to just how many simply over look the power of their data whether its campaign performance or the raw sales potential of their existing lists. Consider the following great marketing tips and maximise your sales potential! Principally there are two key sides to data, analytical (don’t be intimated – it’s much easier than you might think) and prospect potential (there’s gold in d’em d’ere hills!). Analytical “The key to success? Test and measure…” They key to any good campaign is the ability to test and measure, yet many either don’t have the time or simply shrug off the idea as an… Read more »