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Are Cautious Shipping Schedules Damaging Your eBay Search Visibility and Sales?

From the customers’ point of view, there’s nothing better than an eBay purchase arriving earlier than promised. But in terms of eBay listing optimisation, if you are under-promising and over-delivering on your shipping schedules, you could be unwittingly damaging your visibility on eBay search and losing out to sellers who guarantee delivery in 3 days or less. It’s easy to understand why eBay sellers often add a little fat to their delivery schedules. In a marketplace where 5-star reviews (or the lack of them) can make or break a business, sellers fear the reputational damage to their seller feedback caused by late delivery. But how realistic is this fear? And could the negative impact of listing with slower delivery schedules… Read more »

Partner Spotlight: Q&A with Harry Nixon from Huboo

eCommerce businesses are just like swans. Above the water, they are all about elegant design and slick technology, while under the surface (in the warehouse), things are typically a lot more chaotic. Picking, packing and shipping is a business-critical process, especially when selling on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Same-day dispatch is often an essential component to guarantee visibility. But it’s also a labour intensive and therefore expensive process with warehouse and staff costs eating into your budget. The fact is, eCommerce businesses don’t make money by stuffing envelopes. They make money by selling more — so what area of your business would you rather focus on? Thankfully, eCommerce businesses have the opportunity to outsource the fulfilment side of… Read more »