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Building trust on your ecommerce website

building trust on your ecommerce website

Building trust on your ecommerce website is essential to its success. Here, we share some key points on creating a website that lets customers know that they can buy from you with confidence.

Contact information

The biggest way to reassure customers that you are a trustworthy business, is to make it immediately clear how they can contact you. Email and phone number should not need to be searched for. Social media and chat functions on the website are also valuable. The more methods you offer customers for contacting you, the better. Making your customer service as easily accessable as your products is a massive part of building trust on your ecommerce website. To be extra customer friendly, put a note of your customer service hours, so that customers are not dissapointed if they have to wait for a response.

Be consistant

Keep what was on your landing page visible on your product pages: contact information, credibility markers, live chat options, etc.

Add a personal touch

Add a blog or an about us page, to tell your story and show your expertize. Write in a consistant tone, so that customers can feel that they know your company and what approach to expect from you. Avoid using stock photos. It’s better to post a real photo of your team and humanize your interaction with your customers.

secure ecommerce

Be open

A major key to building customer trust is the option to exchange or return the product in the event of something being wrong.Make sure that your shipping and returns policies visible and easy to find.

SSL certificates

Having an SSL Certificate confirms that you are who you say you are. This is a key point of gaining customer trust and showing the customer that your site is a trustworthy one.

Delivery info

Display a delivery calculator to help your customer understand how much the total purchase will cost. Offer several secured payment and delivery options to give your customers as many choices as possible. Never hide the delivery costs at any point

Be mobile

Trust and security concerns are the main barriers to purchase for customers on mobile. Ensure that your site appears well on mobile, has good load time and has a short check out process, with security badges.

Improving the customer experience and making your site more informative with clear pictures, policies and contact details is a massive part of building trust on your ecommerce website. Following through on these with consistant service, smooth delivery and returns, will secure customer trust and win you their loyalty.

Why cross selling is so important – and how so many eBay sellers are getting it wrong.

According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

When a customer is making a purchase, they are already in the mind set to buy.  It is the best time to sell them other products. Increasing average sale this way is what successful online entrepreneurs often refer to as “making all the profits on the back-end.”

In 2006, Amazon reported that cross-selling and upselling contributed as much as 35% of their revenue. Both techniques are important to customer experience and maximising sales.

The difference between cross selling and up selling


Cross selling a tent to camping gear  up-selling-1

Which is right for your business?

There is no reason not to use both.

McDonald’s ask “would you like fries with that?” as the cross sell, then “would you like to go large?” as the upsell.  Predicting customers’ actual needs is the secret to successful cross and up sales.

Amazon have done particularly well with their cross selling, because they always keep it relevant. The phrase ‘customers who bought this also bought’ cleverly works social proof into the sell too.

Take your time to develop a range of problems and opportunities based on your customers’ priorities. If you’ve done enough analytics-based research, you should have a fairly good idea about what your customers want.

offers should make sense while providing a clear benefit to the customer. The goal is always to create a win-win situation, not to browbeat your customer into buying something they don’t necessarily want or have no interest in.


Linda’s stuff have used the right hand promotion box within the listing for this sweater to show other sweaters which are the same size and a similar colour. For a customer who is searching for a smalll, gray sweater this is improving their experience and increasing the chances of them buying from Linda’s stuff.

Customization is a huge part of upselling. The price of your product, its uses, and why people commonly buy them should all be factored into when and how you employ it in an upsell.

When cross selling goes wrong

Cross selling features in eBay designs can be dynamic, or hard coded. There is a very non technical reason why it matters which you use.

Dynamic cross promotion scans through your live listings, and automatically shows related products, based on the rules you set. The rules could be size, colour, any relevant feature. It will only connect listings which are relevant and live.

Hard coded cross promotion solutions need to be updated every time a product sells out. A seller would need to go through and update every listing, or they would be cross promoting to a dead listing.

Cross promoting to a dead listing is pointless, and will very likely lose you sales. Frooition have worked with eBay to  develop dynamic cross promotion features which are active content free. The above example of Linda’s stuff is one of our many active content free custom listing designs. For people who have a template rather than a custom design, we have a dynamic cross selling app which is also active content compliant.

Although increased sales are the main focus and average order size, it’s equally important to also consider the customer experience. In fact, these two things are mutually dependant. Offering customers seemingly random products will just leave customers confused, and won’t sell anything. Carefully look at your store, and  the range of products you offer and consider what makes the most sense to offer the customer. Improve their experience, and your revenues will follow.

5 Strategies To Retain Customers and Sell More On eBay

I’ve been working in the eCommerce industry for a number of years now, and have trained, run and improved countless businesses on eBay along the way.

This article comes more out of frustration than anything else. There are too many “average sellers” out there missing opportunities to improve their business.

For me as a buyer, I don’t want to be referred to as “just another sale”, whether I walk into a real life store or purchase through your eBay shop or website, I want to be impressed, have an enjoyable experience, and be able to tell my friends and family about how great it was to buy from your business.

The internet is saturated with online stores and eBay sellers, yet only a very small percentage of these sellers will make sales & win returning customers. I’d like you to be one of these sellers.

This article is going to be short and to the point, and I will:

  • State the obvious!
  • Give you some ideas which will help you engage with your customers
  • … and hopefully enable you to take action on at least one of these points to improve your business!

Let’s get stuck in..


When sending eBay packages out, include a packing slip with a link to your ecommerce website, and a discount code for additional incentive. Work out your eBay / PayPal fee percentage on average (probably around 10%). In this case, including a discount of anything below 9% will gain you a website customer and make you MORE money on your next purchase!


Research has shown that promoting a “FREE SHIPPING” offer is more powerful than a run of the mill “10% off RRP”. This goes hand in hand with eBay’s Best Match advantages for Free Shipping.

Strategy Tip: If you make the majority of your margin on P&P, you’re probably a little hesitent to enforce this. I recommend taking a handful of items, increasing your selling price to include your P&P fee, and offer these items at Free shipping.


Ever wondered why Amazon so so well? Amazon have embraced their community in a global yet personal way. They use their customer data intelligently, gaining reviews and promoting “similar items”. This same strategy can work for you.

“Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted – nearly 12 times more – than descriptions that come from manufacturers, according to a survey of US mom Internet users by online video review site EXPO. (eMarketer, February 2010)”

Reach out to your customers after point of sale, get their feedback and add this to your item descriptions.


For many sellers on eBay, making new sales is their key strategy to increasing revenue. When asked about other strategies to raise revenue / increase sales, I’m normally met with a blank look.

Communicate and market to your existing customers!
You’ve done the hard work, you’ve made a sale and won a customer – don’t stop now. Add the client to your mailing list and offer them exclusive offers that give value. Make your email campaigns personal & make sure it is targetted. A great idea here would be to base it on a recent purchase – if customer X bought a TV, offer them a special on a DVD player or Scart cable – or both!.


Setup accounts on the major players in the social-scape (facebook, twitter & youtube) and promote these at every opportunity.

Frooition are much more than just “the worlds leading eBay design company” (although we’re very proud of that fact!), We also design stunning facebook pages, twitter backgrounds, YouTube accounts and everything in between – all with brand consistency in mind.

Strategy Tip: In every answered question, email response, order sent and customer support resolution – promote your social profiles.

I hope this article has given you some things to think about, and perhaps highlighted some improvements you can make today to increase your sales online!

If you would like to learn more about Frooition’s world leading design services click here!

If you have any questions, feedback or recommendations, post them into the comments section!