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Google Analytics v2.0 – more function, less hassle..

OK, so it looks like Google are to roll out some new features and functionality to their superb Google Analytics package (free of charge for all you folks that haven’t currently implemented this with your CA Stores or stand-alone Websites).

Over the next several weeks Google are set to migrate all accounts to the new interface, so worry not if your account looks no different.

OK, so onto the features..

Customizable Dashboard

so one of the major features – in my eyes anyway – is the option to customize your dashboard (with drag & drop functionality). Every time I use G.A, I find myself viewing the same key data reports, no matter what the site, and even though it’s not exactly difficult to navigate to these different areas, I did often ask why the reports couldn’t be customized and saved for future use (or even assigned to a particular user).

This minor update is a win for me, and will save time not only finding relevant data, but will also allow me to see correlation between the data more easily. *thumbs up

Trend and Date Slider

I quite like the new feature which allows you to visually highlight specific areas in your data to spot trends and key data areas.

Email Reports

A handy little feature here which allows you to automatically send detailed information in different formats (PDF, XML & CSV) from your new “personalised dashboard” *minor celebration*. Even though I haven’t yet tested this yet it will save a couple clicks a day that’s for sure.

Geo Targeting

If you’re running location specific campaigns the new visual functionality will again help to find out what works and what doesn’t per location. Giving you both information on who, how, where, when and the value for each visitor too.

There are more features, and you can find these using the links below.

Personally I think G.A should introduce some ‘best practice’ reports, which help the basic user find the vitals and put them to use, as this is something I’m asked for advice on quite often. A tutorials / open workshop area would be a great move.

Anyhoo, overall some great new features which i’m itching to get my hands on.. roll on the roll out!

More Info:

Google Analytics – Video Overview

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Also be sure to subscribe to the Google Analytics blog, for all things analytics.. http://analytics.blogspot.com/2007/05/new-version-of-google-analytics.html

Google Analytics to increase your e-commerce performance..

Matt Cutts, A Google employee currently heading up Google’s WebSpam team, has recently posted a good article on Google Analytics, giving you a sample of the depth of information you can access using this free web based service from Google.

This data is interesting to look at for sure, but for those of you who run an e-commerce business, knowing your statistics (top keywords, referring URLs, traffic trends, etc) can help you to save time and money. For example, Google Adwords is implemented within Google Analytics, so finding what your top keywords based on your site data, and implementing these into your Google Adwords campaigns in order to increase performance is a much more straight forward process.

You could also use the information to assist making business decisions like choosing products, targeting customers & increasing the performance of your marketing campaigns – all based on real life accurate data from you own site(s).

Google Analytics is also integrated into ChannelAdvisor Merchant, a well known and widely used multi-marketplace e-commerce platform, allowing businesses to sell product to marketplaces like eBay, amazon, yahoo, as well as a whole host of Shopping Comparison Sites like Kelkoo, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com & Google Base to name but a few.

This powerful web based application, along side Google Base & their Web Developer Tools suggests a hint at Google’s direction for 2007, and baring in mind the last three or four Google Acquisitions (which include Jotspot {A wiki with a number of collaborative tools for business users, and includes applications such as spreadsheets, calendars, and forms}, writely {Web-based word processing that allows online document collaboration}, and of course YouTube {A community driven social networking site, allowing users to upload, share & broadcast videos, which is now one of the busiest destinations on the web}), I’m very excited to see how these platforms, ideas and technologies will interact with each other as future development rolls out.

What other areas would you like to see Google tackle, and what other kinds of application could they offer to assist e-commerce traders?

Mic Burns
Frooition Support

Will Google Take Over the World?

Recently Google has made a number of acquisitions that have made headline news. The most obvious recent purchase was the high profile takeover of YouTube for $1.65 Billion in stock. However this merger is just one in a long line of Google purchases.

Google’s latest procurement includes the purchase of the WIKI based site JotSpot. JotSpot was founded by the co founders of the former search engine site Excite; one of the first search engine home pages to feature customizable home pages which Google users have come to know and love.

The current trend to move towards new web 2.0 technology (such as WIKI technology AJAX and my space type sites) is being vastly adopted by many big players in the web technology world. Big players using web 2.0 and JotSpot include: eBay, Google, Intel and Symantec (Owners of Norton Anti-Virus).

Some of Google’s previous acquisitions have enabled the implementation of some of their well known services. Below shows some of those services and the acquisitions that made the technology possible:

Google has also purchased a large number of other software companies; some of the most exciting technologies include biometric identification systems, You Tube video on demand, and other BLOGGGER/WIKI technologies. Combine this with Google’s future plan to move over to selling lo-cost Linux based hardware for a fraction of the typical personal computer costs; it is not that difficult to imagine a world where all your computing needs are served online without the need to purchase software.

For a glimpse into the future head on over to Google Docs and check out their on demand office solution. It doesn’t quite knock Microsoft Office out of the water just yet but watch this space!!

Please feel free to add any comments to this post. Please check back regularly to see reviews and descriptions of new Google technologies and tips/tricks for getting the best out of Google.

Written by Andrew Pinner