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eBay and Myspace.com

The massive optimisation of myspace of late means that in around 2 days, your myspace account is optimised within google and showing up within search listings! Just search for frooition in google and two myspace accounts will appear where two employees have marked frooition as where they work. That happened in 2 days! What else gets into googles search index in a mere two days? Many sellers are now promoting their auctions through myspace and adding ‘freinds’ from relevent groups of people. The primary age for myspace is between 16 and 34. So if your product hits that age range then a bit of free myspace advertising can’t go a miss can it?

Whaaaaat? I hear you say? Well companies such as Red Bull are using myspace to attract new customers to their product. Want a bigger example? Adidas are also giving myspace a whirl!

Since the auctionbytes article ebayers have been taking advantage of this new channel to gain brand control ( you would not want anyone else to use your brand!)

Myspace has a networking feature also which will help you market too and reach new customers.

With myspace attracting 200,000 new registrants a day who can afford to miss out on this marketing and SEO oppotunity.

Join the race, get on myspace! ( I really could be a 70’s children’s TV presenter sometimes)

eBay Express WE NEED BUYERS!

eBay express is everywhere, on myspace.com, pretty email and literature to exsiting eBayers…..eBay express in the UK is attracting the cream of the sellers. Only one problem is the lack of buyers. The states suffered the same downfall. One seller quoted only 3 sales in about 300 were from the eBay express marketplace.
I personally fail to see why. Ebay express is a potentially great marketplace for buyers! Why?

-All items must have a returns policy
-Sellers must have a 98% or more feedback on eBay
-Be genuine business sellers bound by distance selling regulations ( no fakes as well guys!)
-Items must be shipped within 3 days (no pre-ordering here)
-Payment by credit/debit card is taken by eBays Express Checkout
-Buy from multiple sellers and have a shopping cart like expereince!

eBay express is going to be the biggest e-commerce deptartment store of all time! But we need buyers! The sellers are up for it.

As said in a previous post eBay is running a TV ad for its main marketplace but not its new eBay express, and so far not attracting the new buyers it needs.

I am a new convert to the ways of eBay express and wish it the best. When your looking to buy on eBay remember to check eBay express. Its a better customer experience!

Check some eBay vitals, gather some data about your eBay business!

Check your Gross Merchandise Sales each Week

Total Listing Fees for that week? Are they too high?

Payment System Fees

Is your average selling price increasing or decreasing? (GMS/ No. Itms Sold)

Then with this simple calculation work out your Conversion Rate for that Month

Number of Items Sold/Number of Items Listed= Conversion Rate

This will give you a percentage of how many successful items you had close in relation to how many listings.
The average CR (conversion rate) on eBay is 50%, go below this and you need to re-jig your listing strategy as you are listing too many items, or listing them to the wrong category, in the wrong format or at the wrong times. There are so many variables on eBay and you can keep a weekly check on your vital signs!

Each week check on your profit margin for positive and negative trends.

If you happen to be a channeladvisor customer:

You will get a comprehensive report at the end of the week and month! You need to check your vital signs each week to avoid pitfalls or fees spinning out of control!

eBay Search Updates – video interview with eBays Eric Billingsley

I hear on the grapevine eBay are working on a few additions to the standard search functionality, and they’re calling it ‘Best Match’.

This had a short release earlier this week for testing, and has now been removed again as far as I can tell. The below picture shows how it would have looked:

ebay best match

Basically this feature allows for potential buyers to search against key factors, like best performing item based on hits, price, and a whole other list of factors.. Ultimately pushing for relevancy (I’m sure you all know the feeling of searching for an iPod and finding nothing but accessories?)

For anyone interested in seeing this and other eBay features in action, go view this video demo from Eric Billingsley, courtesy of The ScobleShow, you can see it here!

Also, I would recommend subscribing to the ScobleShow podcast if you’re interested in anything from new start up web based technology companies, right through to Sun Microsystems server technologies… lots of good info.

This update is based on eBay.com for the moment, but I should imagine if it’s a successful release it will not take too long to role out to the UK.
To note: The additional search option will be made optional, so will not impose such a threat to the core site.

eBay Express UK – Merchant Feedback So Far…

Just over a week after eBay officially released eBay Express (A Fixed-Price Marketplace for buying new items from multiple sellers through a single checkout), we’ve had a reasonable amount of positive feedback so far.

Like a lot of people, I’m really excited about eBay Express here in the UK – Mainly due to the look and feel of the Express site. The AJAX interface makes for a pleasant user experience, and the intelligent search interface is such an improvement. (i.e., when searching for an item using keywords for manufacturer, size, colour, material (etc etc), it breaks the search phrase into separate attributes, enabling you to modify each in turn.) Ultimately this makes any product a lot easier to find for a potential buyer, and of course delivers additional exposure and increases brand awareness also.

Personally I feel it’s about time eBay (or any other ecommerce marketplace for that matter) had a face lift with regards to not only the way Search, category & product pages display, but also the functionality behind them.

One last comment, any user of the ChannelAdvisor Merchant software will no doubt have noticed eBay Express options implemented in time for the UK release of Express, very smoothly done, and hats off to the CA Development team!

Why your company should be selling on eBay

Sales on eBay account to 10% of the entire world’s ecommerce sales, and in the UK, eBay accounts for more page views than Google, Yahoo and MSN put together.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore the sales potential presented by its 187 million users worldwide and could be an important sale channel for your company. The problem: Increasing sales, finding new markets Every company wants to reach new customers, find new products for their products and promote their brand. However they also need to be conscious of costs.

eBay presents a cost effective opportunity to sell your products and services to an enormous international marketplace. eBay should be treated as any other marketing channel, as a potential source of sales and customers

Why your company should be selling on eBay

Increase brand awareness and acquire new customers

Having a presence on eBay can generate brand awareness in both the offline and online worlds. Listings on eBay are not just items for sale but act to market your products to eBay’s vast user base. Furthermore, if you are not selling on eBay then someone else is controlling you brand on this important channel.

The eBay interface is now fully customisable so can be modified to reflect your corporate identity. Some of the world’s largest companies sell on eBay. Some of the world’s largest and most respected companies use its platform e.g. Dell, Canon and HP. These companies act as an excellent outlet for old stock or returned goods. and also as a cost effective channel for selling their new stock and promoting their brand.

Cost effective

Compared to building an ecommerce site eBay provides a very cost effective platform for selling and marketing online. eBay shops start at £6 per month and auction listings start at £0.15 (£0.05 for shop inventory listings). This compares very favourably with the price of cost per click campaigns on Google or other search engines. Your competitors are probably selling on eBay already. If you are in a highly competitive market, the chances are that you competitors already have a presence on eBay. By searching on eBay it is easy to see what items are being sold, who is selling them and for how much they are selling.

Testing ground for new products

If you are looking to test the ground for a new product, the instant market provided by eBay can provide an excellent litmus paper for measuring the market’s appetite.

International exposure

eBay is now operational in 29 countries opening up your company to an international marketplace of 187 million users and a $40 billion market. On eBay items can be listed internationally or just nationally depending on the requirements of your business.

Sell surplus stock

Due to its huge marketplace, eBay is an excellent way to sell surplus stock and unwanted assets. Items in eBay auctions fetch up to 50% more than offline auctions and 4 times more traditional liquidation channels. Next steps Starting selling on eBay is easy. Set up an eBay account and do some research into your market to

* Do your research. Investigate who in your market is selling on eBay

* Set up an eBay

* Do some market testing. Select some product such as discontinued lines which you think will sell well on eBay and experiment with different product combinations and starting prices.

Building a first rate eBay business will take a little longer and you may want to employ the services of an eBay consultancy to develop an impressive eBay presence.