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What are the Benefits of an eBay Store and When Should You Upgrade Yours?

Benefits of an ebay store

The benefits of an eBay store depend on several things: Which country you are selling in, as fee structures and even shop types are different in the US and the UK for example. Whether the majority of your listings are fixed price or auctions. How many listings you have. For US sellers, the value of your sales each month and what category they are in, as there are fee discounts in some categories for store owners. eBay Store Benefits There are extra perks to having a higher level store, for example in the UK and US you get vouchers towards eBay branded packaging supplies. In the UK there’s a monthly £10 voucher for Featured Shop subscribers and a £20 voucher… Read more »

Selling on eBay As a Business

selling as a business on ebay

With more than 135 million users worldwide, eBay remains one of the most vibrant communities of buyers and sellers anywhere on the internet. Over its 27-year history, the online marketplace has matured from a quirky sales venue populated by hobbyists and thrift store sellers to a legitimate place of business where “mom and pop” stores can actively compete against major high street brands. This is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that the average eBay seller generated $42,000 in sales from the site. With that in mind, whether you have an established business already or not, here is what you need to know about selling on eBay as a business eBay Business Account The first step to getting started selling… Read more »

eBay Selling Software

eBay Selling Software

One of the many good things about selling on eBay is the ease with which you can add items to the online marketplace. If you are just starting out, eBay’s seller tools will actively help you to create the perfect listing and set you on your journey towards becoming a successful seller. But as your business grows and the size of your inventory increases, those easy-to-use web and mobile forms can become rather labour-intensive, taking too much time to add and edit listings and you then need some more sophisticated eBay selling software. Why Do You Need eBay Selling Software? Smart eBay sellers know that any time they can save in managing their listings, they can invest in locating new… Read more »

eBay Open UK 2023 – Coming to Manchester and London

eBay Open UK 2023

eBay has announced its annual eBay Open UK 2023 event will be hosted in two cities. The free flagship event will visit Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford (Lancashire Cricket) on September 14th and London’s Hilton London Wembley on September 21st. Registration for both events is currently full, but the online marketplace is inviting sellers to register to join the event’s waiting lists, with the expectation that additional places will become available. Why Attend eBay Open UK 2023 As one of the most eagerly anticipated eBay seller events of the year, both events promise a packed agenda, including: Expert-Led Sessions Experience insightful sessions led by eBay experts and inspiring external speakers, encompassing a diverse array of seller-focused subjects aimed at fostering the… Read more »

eBay Vacation Mode: Managing Your Time Away This Summer

eBay Vacation Mode

With temperatures soaring, many eBay sellers will be thinking about taking a much-needed break. But, as many sellers will attest, eBay is a juggernaut that never stops. How can you take a break when there is so much work to do? There is always an email to answer, an order to ship, or a customer service issue to resolve. Any failure to maintain momentum may result in a loss of income and even damage your reputation as a seller. When you operate in a 24/7/365 business landscape, taking a holiday can be challenging. Thankfully, eBay understands that its community of sellers need to schedule time away throughout the year. If you are a seller hoping to hit the pool this… Read more »

eBay Top Rated Seller – Why and How To Become One

ebay top rated seller

eBay Top Rated Seller is a label given to sellers who consistently provide excellent customer service and meet specific performance standards on the eBay platform. It is a recognition that distinguishes sellers who have a track record of delivering high-quality products, offering exceptional service, and maintaining positive feedback from buyers.  How to Qualify as an eBay Top Rated Seller. To obtain Top Rated Seller status, you must fulfil specific requirements and maintain exceptional seller performance. This includes:   Establish an Active eBay Business Seller Account: Your eBay business seller account must have been active for a minimum of 90 days. You’ll need to ensure your account is properly set up and verified before proceeding further. Meet the Transaction and Sales Threshold:… Read more »

eBay Germany Announces 30% Growth in Private Sellers  

ebay germany

eBay Germany has released figures suggesting positive private sales growth on the German marketplace following the introduction of zero fees for private sellers on March 1, 2023.  According to the data, the number of items listed by private individuals on eBay.de has increased by 26%, and the number of individuals selling items has risen by over 29%. Interestingly, the success rate of items listed by private sellers has either remained stable or even increased after the fee change. This stat indicates a positive trend that eBay and its community of sellers will welcome.  These positive developments are evident across various product categories, particularly in electronics and collectables.   The entire marketplace ecosystem has also experienced positive effects, with a 14% increase… Read more »

eBay – Investing to Improve Small Business Sustainability

small business sustainability

eBay is doubling down on reducing the environmental impact of eCommerce with global eco investments and direct help to improve small business sustainability. eBay has announced two new business initiatives to bolster the online marketplace’s global position as a more environmentally friendly shopping choice.   The first announcement comes out of the UK, where eBay has launched a new training program called the Carbon Academy. The second announcement sees eBay Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of eBay Inc., leading Series A investment in the Australian luxury dress-sharing platform, The Volte. The Volte is a designer fashion rental marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders. The Carbon Academy  eBay UK has launched a new training program called the Carbon Academy, in collaboration with Climate Partner,… Read more »

Multiple eBay Accounts – Why Do It and What Are The Rules

multiple eBay accounts

  Sellers often approach the eBay experts at Frooition with requests to help them sell across multiple eBay accounts. There are many legitimate reasons why an eBay seller may wish to operate more than one eBay account. However, sellers must also overcome challenges to successfully manage several eBay accounts. With more than 18 years of experience helping thousands of eBay sellers sell more, we’ve helped numerous sellers build and successfully operate their businesses over two or more eBay accounts.   Most common reasons for operating multiple eBay accounts: Different Business Niches: eBay sellers are nothing if not entrepreneurial and will often explore other opportunities in entirely separate categories. For example, a motors spares and accessories seller may discover a chance to… Read more »

Selling Personalised and Customised Products on eBay

eBay personalised product

In recent years the personalised product and gift market has flourished, online sellers are embracing the buyer demand to add personalised offering to their ranges. Selling personalised and customised products online on eBay has always been a great option and now it has become easier than ever. There really is an exhaustive list of companies selling personalised gifts, custom products, bespoke domestic items, phones, gadgets, garden and homeware, wedding gifts, sporting goods, cushions, bags of all shapes and size, bottle openers, pens, photo frames, t-shirts, trainers, stickers, decals and numerous other products that can all be further enhanced by adding custom text, graphics or decorations. Can I sell customised or personalised products on eBay? Yes! Selling  personalised and customised products… Read more »