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Boost Your eBay Father’s Day Sales with These Effective Strategies 

ebay father's day

With Father’s Day just around the corner (June 18th), eBay has launched a dedicated landing page packed full of incredible gift ideas, including tools, sporting goods, personalised gifts, and other must-haves for dad.   To help sellers celebrate the big day, the online marketplace has also shared a short guide to help sellers maximise the visibility of their items leading up to the big day.  4 Tips To Selling More on eBay This Father’s Day  Optimise Delivery for a Smooth Experience Getting gifts on time is crucial for occasions like Father’s Day. eBay recommends fast, tracked delivery options to ensure a seamless delivery experience. This becomes even more important, considering many buyers tend to make last-minute purchases. In such cases, offering… Read more »

eBay Buyers Invited To Add Photos to Seller Feedback

eBay Photos Feedback

eBay will soon allow buyers to add up to five photos to their seller feedback. The new feature, being tested in the UK and US markets, asks buyers to submit their photos, promising that the online marketplace will display them alongside their feedback soon.  The use of buyer-submitted photos to run alongside reviews is not new. Amazon, Etsy, B&Q, and other online marketplaces already encourage buyers to submit pictures and videos alongside their product reviews. Buyers typically welcome the images as providing helpful extra detail, helping them to make more informed buying decisions. Despite this, many eBay sellers have voiced their concerns on eBay’s Community pages.  Negative comments from more vocal sellers have ranged from “What fresh Hell is this?”… Read more »

Still In Love With eBay (Without The Aid of Rose-Tinted Glasses)

Man wearing heart shaped glasses

It’s been just over a year since I returned to the world of online marketplaces as the head of marketing for Frooition, an eCommerce design and optimisation agency with its roots firmly bedded in the eBay ecosystem. My first day “back in the office” was spent at the eBay Open event in Manchester. After more than a decade away, I was keen to see how the marketplace space had evolved and wasn’t disappointed. I met and was re-introduced throughout the event to some of eBay’s most inspirational sellers. I was reminded that there is often a tremendous entrepreneurial story behind the most successful eBay businesses. In many cases, eBay provided an accessible and sustainable route to creating an income that… Read more »

Will Relisting Slow Moving eBay Listings Impact My eBay Sales History?

eBay Listing Optimisation

We recently published a blog post highlighting how eBay listings with zero sales activity over the last 90 days may impact negatively on your entire product catalogue’s visibility in eBay search. We suggested that eBay sellers should therefore stop, optimise and relist any slow-moving items to protect their wider items’ visibility on the online marketplace. We also reported that it might not be a good idea to continuously run listings for some seasonal products (like Easter Eggs) in the hope of the occasional out-of-season sale. The article created quite a stir in the community. Many sellers suggested that such a move would negatively impact their eBay sales history and potentially further damage their visibility. So who was right? Well, it… Read more »

eBay Listing Optimisation or Promoted Listings: What’s the Best Strategy for Your Business?

We talk a lot about eBay listing optimisation here at Frooition. The fact is, if you’re not keeping on top of all those listing best practices that eBay regularly shares with everyone via its seller updates, is it any wonder your eBay sales have fallen off of a cliff recently? Promoted listings are another thing that fuels many of our conversations with our sellers. Sure, the subject divides opinion, but if you are not willing to give it a go, you’ll lose sales to those competitors who are eager to invest a little extra in promotion. With these two topics top of mind for many eBay sellers, it’s understandable that we are regularly asked if one strategy is more important… Read more »