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The active content design solution chosen by eBay.

eBay Active Content Compliant design

In business, proper planning and preparation is often the difference between success and failure. Future proofing your eBay business, avoiding penalties and getting the best ranking for your products requires you to follow eBay policies. Currently, that means having an eBay active content compliant design before June 2017.

As an eBay certified provider, we were informed of the planned changes to active content policy before they were announced to the public. We were bound by non disclosure until eBay made the announcement, but from the moment we knew about the planned changes, creating a solution to help sellers move through smoothly was our biggest priority.

Ecommerce moves fast. So as ecommerce specialists, we don’t procrastinate.

Ebay asked us to help them with a design for their global shipping supplies page.

eBay shipping supplies page. Designed by Frooition.

Since then we have provided eBay active content compliant design  for sellers of all sizes. So far, we have converted over 20 million live listings to being active content free. No listing downtime and no loss of sales history.

“I would recommend Frooition to anyone serious about eBay business.”

– Universal Gadgets

Frooition eBay active content compliant design is supported by our unique CMS, updating live listings and automatically syncing cross promotion bars to show related items.

Using our automated system rather than hard coding cross promotion gives customers active content compliant cross promotion that can  be updated in just a few clicks. No links to irrelevant items when stock changes, and no links to dead listings.

We are trusted by some of the biggest brands on eBay, and have seen clients grow from small sellers, to eBay giants. We are currently working with top sellers such as Linda’s stuff, Universal Gadgets and World of Rare Books to ensure that their designs are active content compliant. Our UK based, in house design and development team are bringing that same high functioning level of design to countless smaller sellers too, who we are pleased to be supporting on their journey to eBay success.

Our website has more information on our eBay active content services, as well as a contact form to have an eBay specialist call and talk you through your individual options.

Make eBay’s active content policy changes work hard for your business.

As the way we use the internet changes, so does the online landscape. When people started to shop online, both retail and the way we use the internet changed irreversibly.

Many large retailers ignored online shopping. Many of the biggest high street retailers disappeared as a result. The future of retail seemed uncertain and people were fearful. But where there is change, there is always opportunity.

Change is Opportunity.

Internet retail was a new frontier. People taking their stores online were taking a brave leap. More than any other platform, eBay enabled people to start selling online.

Retailers who adapted to change and sold online prospered.

A new breed of retailer was rising up in this bold new retail landscape. Many starting out through eBay. The more dynamic and flexible they were to customer demand and buying trends, the more they grew.

Over the years, eBay has massively evolved and grown. Frooition have been working with eBay as certified designers for over eight years, and we have guided our clients though many policy changes in that time. With changes being made to eBay’s active content policy, here is our advice on how to make this time of transition a profitable one for your eBay business:

Take the opportunity to present a fresh new look to your customers

When you are busy running your own business, graphic design and visual promotion is often the first thing to become neglected. Internet shopping is highly visual. A fresh new look to your store and some new promotional graphics could be just what your business needs to encourage new customers and re-ignite the interest of old ones.

Review your supporting software

If you have been focusing on sales for the past few years and not made any changes to the design or functioning of your store, chances are that you may have out grown it. As sales increase, simplicity of functionality becomes more important. Features such as dynamic categories or drag and drop promotional graphics become invaluable time savers as a store grows.

Optimise for the mobile market

The majority of all online shopping is now done via mobile devices. That is why all Frooition designs are mobile compatible. Its certain that any seller who is not optimized for mobile will be missing out on a lot of sales. If your store is not already optimised for mobile, now is a great time to look at a fully responsive design.

Review your Descriptions

Although pictures and video sell items, removing active content serves as a great reminder that there is no substitute for a good description. When competitors are using the manufacturer’s standard description, a well written piece of individual text in your store could give you the edge.

Be ready to fill gaps in the market

Chances are, some of your competitors will have buried their heads in the sand and not allowed enough time to prepare for how their store will look and function post active content changes. A listing that relies on active content will not show, and so as a seller with an active content compliant store, you should be ready for a possible sudden increase in sales.

EBay is a worldwide market place. Changes to the active content policy will only help to make eBay stores more easily accessible and encourage customers. As with every change, the sellers who acknowledge it early and move to change, will be the ones who prosper.

Frooition Active Content Compliant eBay Design

eBay announced in the Spring 2016 Seller Release that they are stopping the use of Active Content in eBay Listings.  Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins. This active content inhibits purchases on mobile devices and also poses potential security risks.

From Spring 2017 eBay will limit the use of this content in new listings. By Fall 2017 eBay will block and remove new and existing listings. This means that sellers with active content will need to update their listings to become compliant with eBay’s new rules.

As an eBay certified provider of design, we have been hard at work re developing our services to offer the same great functionality on an Active Content Compliant platform.

As of last week, all new Frooition eBay designs will be Active Content Compliant.

We will continue to offer the following great features on listings without any use of Flash, JavaScript, Form Actions or plug-ins:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Zooming image gallery
  • Product information tabs
  • Dynamic store categories that update across all listings
  • Dynamic, intelligent, cross promotion that offer related items, not random un-related products

We are also developing a service for new Frooition customers where we can strip Active Content from their existing listings and applying the new design on behalf of the seller, saving them weeks of work!

Existing Frooition customers do not need to worry, we will be contacting our customers in due course to arrange their conversions. We will do all the work, including converting existing listings to be Active Content Compliant well ahead of the eBay deadline.

Professional Active Content Compliant Design

Looking for a more professional, Active Content compliant design or a redesign of your existing branding?
Frooition are Certified Providers and have worked closely with eBay to create a fantastic Active Content compliant service that is even used on eBay’s own stores.

Speak to a Frooition design expert today to see what options are available. http://www.frooition.com/

Five reasons to outsource your eBay shop design

Auction. Keyboard

eBay – who’d have thought the simple idea of an online auction would have grown into such a commercial success? Figures from January 2016 show that 162 million people use the site and that there are 25 million sellers listing 800 million items. It’s easy, quick and there are some great bargains to be had – 80 per cent of which are brand new.

It’s come a long way from its launch in 1995 as ‘AuctionWeb’, making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to sell their wares online. It offers an eBay shop function, whereby you can create a branded hub, if you like, as a store front for your items. While this is great, savvy sellers are starting to see that using eBay’s own shop design options doesn’t leave them with the most eye-catching end result. Many are therefore outsourcing this task to specialised website companies, like Frooition. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Boost your appeal

Research suggests that you only have eight seconds to win a new customer. eBay itself says that the more appealing your shop design is, the better your chances for success are. The auction site gives you the opportunity to design your shop, to a limited extent, using customisable pages, a branded header and loading photos. It works, but the function is a little restrictive.

Using an alternative branding expert can help your shop stand out, look far more professional and instil confidence in buyers. We can create a bespoke design, customise an eBay listings template and display your products in an engaging way – producing a shop which more accurately reflects the care and attention you pay to your customers. What’s more, our designs are modern, vibrant and attractive, helping you to create brand awareness and loyalty, as you’re not ‘just another standard eBay-designed shop’.

By the way, did we mention we’re one of eBay’s certified third parties?

  • Saves you time

Creating a shop can be a cumbersome and lengthy process, especially if you haven’t done anything like it before. eBay offers lots of hints and tips on building your shop’s brand – from themes to header styles and logos to listings. There’s a lot to consider. It also gives you the opportunity to use HTML code to create your own header, but how many of us know how to do that? Delegating this task to experts will clearly save time and a headache on your part! Your designers can take your brand and create a shop site which surpasses your expectations, without you needing to stress over it.

That’s not all, though. If you’re using Frooition’s listing software as part of your eBay shop design package, you’ll save time whenever you add a new item. Our study found a saving of two minutes and 20 seconds for each listing – which equates to a whole working day if you’re adding 150 more products.

  • Compatible with mobile devices

We are increasingly using mobile devices to do our shopping – some 45 per cent of ecommerce traffic in the UK originates from smartphones or tablets, with 30 per cent of eBay sales being carried out this way. As such, it’s crucial that your eBay shop is mobile responsive – this means that it renders clearly on a smaller screen, loads as it should and still enables customers to navigate and buy with ease.

Outsourcing your template design can ensure that your shop is optimised for touchscreens (i.e. swipe and scroll functions), is compatible with the eBay app, is readable and works with all designs, in all orientations. All of this means that customers can buy your products whilst on the train, waiting in a queue or even while watching TV. A mobile responsive design isn’t simply nice to have, it’s essential.

  • Improves user experience

Okay, some of the eBay shops look really nice, we won’t lie. They’re obviously created by people who have time and know-how. The majority, however – just take a look for yourself – don’t and they can appear off-putting. It’s a fact that most eBay shoppers will research the seller first, so offering that professional first impression can work wonders. You simply cannot underestimate the importance of presenting a good quality site.

As mentioned above, this can really help increase buyer confidence but can also improve the user experience. Our templates are easy to navigate, so that your customers won’t abandon their cart through frustration. Instead, you can lead them right the way through to purchasing. We allow you to display 20 images, obvious calls-to-action, clear descriptions, all the pricing information, reviews – everything the customer needs right there and then so that they won’t have to go away and do any research or thinking.

  • Can increase sales

All of the above elements combined can result in increased sales, as they position you and your business as professional, reputable and trustworthy. A well-designed eBay shop can make the journey from search to purchase a quick and easy one, providing a pleasant experience that many will remember and revisit because of. They make it possible to buy items no matter where you are, or what device you’re using. They can increase brand awareness, build relationships and help your bottom line.

As we say, these are only some of the reasons why savvy sellers are having their eBay shop sites designed by experts, but we think they’re some fairly conclusive ones! If you’d like to know how Frooition can help your eBay endeavours, call us on 01384 480 810 or send us an email.

FrooitionBase featured on TechRadar – "10 killer apps for eBay buyers and sellers"!

techradar.com - frooition feature!

Frooition’s Base platform for eBay Design (FrooitionBase) has been featured in an article on techradar.com!

FrooitionBase eBay Store and Listing Design Tool
The most successful sellers on eBay know the value of a eye-catching, user-friendly listing and shop frontage. Frooition’s new entry-level eBay store and listing design solution is just the ticket if you’re on a tight budget. Like their professional eBay design service, it deals with all aspects of your brand on eBay and simplifies the process of getting listings looking professional and working effectively without flailing around with HTML. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial and it’s £15 per month thereafter.

Mark Buckingham covers a host of essential eBay tools (eBay pulse, terapeak, just ship it….) with a little overview on each. The article is a great read, and comes highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their eBay business in both automation & turnover.

You can read the full article here: http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/web/10-killer-apps-for-ebay-buyers-and-sellers-528505?

Frooition Design eBay Christmas Special Graphics Pack!

Frooition release a Christmas special graphics pack for eBay sellers. Perfect to get buyers in the festive shopping mood!

Frooition Design eBay Package!


Our 2008 graphics pack is suitable for every Frooition client. Whether your design is light, dark, minimalist or funky, our highly talented designers will choose the best suited graphics and install it all for you within 48 hours of payment. We’ll also revert the graphics back to normal for you whenever you’re ready.


For live examples, and to read more details simply visit: http://www.frooition.com/pages/christmas.html!