Shopify: 8 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Stats

Shopify Black Friday

Hot off the heels of BigCommerce’s incredible Black Friday results, Shopify has released data from across the entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is the highest volume shopping event of the year for Shopify merchants. Globally, more than 52 million consumers purchased from brands powered by Shopify over the 2022 Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, representing a 12% increase from the previous year. While Shopify is keen not to use the weekend as a proxy for the whole holiday season, it suggests that it is a moment that showcases the power and impact independent businesses have around the globe. 8 Key Takeaways From Across The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend $3.5 Million Per Minute: Black Friday saw the highest… Read more »

BigCommerce Black Friday GMV Jumps By 31%

Online retailers on the BigCommerce platform enjoyed a 31% increase in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) this Black Friday compared to the previous year. This success was bolstered by a 25% increase in total orders and a 4.5% increase in Actual Order Value (AOV). BigCommerce merchants also had many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, with GMV on the holiday jumping by 23% and sales increasing by 22% on 2021 data. With retail stores closed and families busy celebrating the holiday together, much of this growth came from mobile commerce. This incredible growth flies in the face of industry pundits who predicted that online retailers might actually see a decline in sales in 2022. It also highlights the continued importance of… Read more »

BigCommerce Black Friday

Content-Led Design Is King: Take Ownership Of Your eBay Listings

It’s a bone of contention amongst many eBay sellers. After battling their way to the top of eBay search through the implementation of listing optimisation best practices (paid and organic), sellers still do not own their eBay listing pages. eBay product pages have to share a substantial part of their listings with their competitors’ offers. In fact, buyers will be given several opportunities to visit similar sponsored items before they have the chance to view your complete product description and company details. For generic items, this means a sale can be quickly won or lost on price alone, with lower-priced competitive offers quickly destroying your conversion rates. Tough love time. This problem isn’t about to go away any time soon.… Read more »

Amazon Supports Independent Sellers With Launch of Small Business Gift Finder

While Amazon might be the epitome of big business, more than half of all products purchased on its UK website are actually sold by small and independent businesses. To help consumers support the 85,000+ small businesses on the online marketplace, Amazon has recently launched its Small Business Gift Finder service. As well as supporting small and medium-sized businesses, the Small Business Gift Finder helps consumers “shop local” by highlighting retailers by region. Shoppers can also easily identify products sold by small business sellers across the online marketplace by looking out for the Small Business Badge. Small Business Growth According to data released by Amazon, small business sellers on Amazon have enjoyed considerable growth over the last 12-month period, selling more… Read more »

Amazon Small Business

eBay Sellers Can Now Add Up To 24 Photos to Their Listings

eBay 24 Photos

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine the story you could tell with 24 photographs. eBay has recently announced that sellers can now include up to 24 product images in their listings for free. For those old enough to remember dropping your holiday photographs at the chemist for processing, that’s an entire roll of film in your pre-digital era camera. eBay Optimisation Strategy Images are, of course, an essential element of any eBay optimisation strategy. Therefore, if you are listing products with just one or two images (like you used to do back in the day), you shouldn’t be surprised if your eBay sales have fallen off a cliff in recent months. Careful use of images will help your… Read more »

Black Friday Sale – Save Up To 50% on Bespoke eBay Design Services

As a certified Gold eBay partner, Frooition offers a full range of bespoke eBay services and design packages to meet the needs of every seller. This year we are offering you our biggest Black Friday discount ever. 50% off – eBay Minimal Theme Package 35% off – eBay Advanced Listing Template Package 40% off – eBay Top Seller Listing Template Package 50% off – eBay Infinity Listing Template Package All packages come with 1 month free Frooition software access. The price also includes applying your new design template to all your existing live eBay listings. Secure your discount now before this offer expires on November 30th 2022! Professional eBay Listing Templates & Dynamic Functionality 90% of traffic on eBay goes… Read more »

Black Friday Sale

Is Football Coming Home This Christmas?

World Cup Christmas Black Friday

Football is coming home this Black Friday and Christmas, according to a recent survey conducted by eBay Ads UK. As major sporting events go, the FIFA World Cup has always been a big draw for retailers hoping to sell everything from televisions to replica football kits, flags, face paints, and gallons and gallons of beer on the back of the tournament. While the 2022 World Cup will go down in history as an unusual (and controversial) event, resulting in many brands taking a more muted approach to the tournament, consumers are still very excited by the action on the pitch. This year’s tournament is being held outside its usual summer schedule for the first time. This change of dates means… Read more »

Why Booming C2C Commerce Is Good News For B2C Retailers

The parcel delivery firm Yodel has seen an exponential rise in Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Commerce deliveries stemming from online marketplaces like eBay and Vinted in recent months. The company reports it is now sending more than 600,000 C2C parcels each week. This rise represents a 132% increase since July 2022. According to Yodel, this increase in C2C business follows a sharp rise in the number of people looking to online marketplaces to either supplement their income or buy pre-loved gifts in the run-up to the festive season. Yodel’s research suggests that almost 2 in 5 (39%) UK consumers will use online marketplaces when shopping for Christmas. Speaking to journalists, Mike Hancox, CEO of Yodel, said, “Much of the growth in volumes… Read more »

c2c retail

Selling on eBay: The World’s Largest Auto Spares and Accessories Marketplace

Auto Spares and Accessories

eBay is the world’s largest seller of auto spares and accessories. With more than 110 million live listings, the global marketplace sells three auto spares and accessories every second of the day. When eBay can boast of such a high-performance sales channel, it’s easy to see why so many auto spares and accessories sellers flock to the online marketplace to list their products. With significant changes in the auto market, including the phasing out of petrol and diesel vehicles and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis resulting in growing numbers of drivers keeping older vehicles on the road for longer, the auto spares and accessories business is set to see unprecedented growth over the next decade. There has never been a better… Read more »

eBay Ambassador Tasha Ghouri Launches Store of Pre-Loved Sparkle

eBay’s pre-loved fashion ambassador Tasha Ghouri has launched a new eBay store designed to bring a little glitz and glamour into everyone’s life this Christmas. The “Store of Pre-Loved Sparkle” features more than 100 items, including pre-loved sequin dresses and accessories, as ‘good as new’ refurbished tech products, and pre-loved luxury handbags and watches covered by the online marketplace’s Authenticity Guarantee. Sustainable Shopping The former Love Island star’s new store is all part of eBay’s commitment to helping consumers make more sustainable shopping choices this holiday season. According to research by eBay, sequin dresses are typically only worn once or twice and often thrown away after just one wear. By working with such a high-profile social media influencer, eBay hopes… Read more »

Sequin Dress