The active content design solution chosen by eBay.

eBay Active Content Compliant design

In business, proper planning and preparation is often the difference between success and failure. Future proofing your eBay business, avoiding penalties and getting the best ranking for your products requires you to follow eBay policies. Currently, that means having an eBay active content compliant design before June 2017. As an eBay certified provider, we were informed of the planned changes to active content policy before they were announced to the public. We were bound by non disclosure until eBay made the announcement, but from the moment we knew about the planned changes, creating a solution to help sellers move through smoothly was our biggest priority. Ecommerce moves fast. So as ecommerce specialists, we don’t procrastinate. Ebay asked us to help… Read more »

10 Stats that prove Black Friday is kind of a big deal.

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving in the US. In recent years, UK retailers have been following their American friends and holding black Friday sales. Retail folk lore says that black Friday is the day retailers go out of the red and into the black. The spending is always epic. Some retailers such as Amazon have already started their Black Friday sales this year, over a week early, in an effort to draw more customers in. $4.45 billion was spent in the US on black Friday 2015. 74.2 million shoppers purchased. In the UK, £2 bilion was spent in 24 hours. 34% of black Friday purchases in 2015 were mobile. Electronics are always hot items on black Friday, and… Read more »

Black friday sales

How hard coded categories kill eBay businesses

eBay active content

With the pending removal of active content from eBay in June 2017, sellers are removing content from their listings. Many are having their stores redesigned, so that their store is not just attractive, but also eBay active content policy compliant. Built with cross selling features that comply with the new eBay active content policy. But eBay design is more than skin deep. How listings look to the eye is just the start. Though many of these eBay stores may look attractive and be free from active content, for stores with hard coded solutions, this is just a honeymoon period. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A good eBay store should be easy to navigate and access for… Read more »

Why this singles day is set to be the internet’s most profitable day ever.

This Friday promises to be a milestone day for ecommerce. Millions of Chinese shoppers will take to the internet, spending billions and boosting sales for online retailers worldwide. By close of play Friday, Chinese shoppers will almost certainly have spent more money online in a single day than has ever been spent before anywhere. Why? Because of all the ones in the date. No one is quite sure exactly who first had the idea, but it began as a student tradition in the mid-1990s. The most widely-accepted story is that it emerged from the dorms of Nanjing University in 1993, when four male students were discussing how boring it is to be single. One suggested that because of the ones… Read more »

How to prepare your eBay store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday

Black Friday and cyber Monday are approaching and customers are getting ready to do some serious shopping. But are you ready for a sudden spike in sales? Here are ten things we recommend every eBay store should do to get ready for Black Friday: November and December will be busy. Time will be scarce. Prepare your marketing materials in advance so that you can focus on customer service and fulfilling orders during the busy holiday shopping period. 1. Write item descriptions, blog posts and advert copy. If you use social media scheduling, write social posts in advance. 2. Prepare store graphics. Graphics promoting your sale will encourage customers to explore your store. The longer they are in your store, the… Read more »

Make eBay’s active content policy changes work hard for your business.

As the way we use the internet changes, so does the online landscape. When people started to shop online, both retail and the way we use the internet changed irreversibly. Many large retailers ignored online shopping. Many of the biggest high street retailers disappeared as a result. The future of retail seemed uncertain and people were fearful. But where there is change, there is always opportunity. Change is Opportunity. Internet retail was a new frontier. People taking their stores online were taking a brave leap. More than any other platform, eBay enabled people to start selling online. Retailers who adapted to change and sold online prospered. A new breed of retailer was rising up in this bold new retail landscape.… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 16.2

eBay have just announced the Seller Release 16.2 and it’s pretty much all good news for sellers. The bi-annual release covers changes to the eBay ecosystem. The summary of changes are: Structured Data Shipping and returns Active Content Seller Tools – Seller Hub Seller Performance Standards Category changes Fee increase for reserve price Delivery service from Shutl Good ‘Til Cancelled for Business Sellers Structured Data (UK and US) eBay are extending their structured product identifiers to include none standard identifiers. When: Feb 2017 Details: eBay are making the following identifiers acceptable for product identifiers: Amazon Standard identification number [ASIN] Google product identifier Private label identifier The current permitted identifiers are: Global trade item number [GTIN] Manufacturer part number [MPN] eBay… Read more »

Frooition Active Content Compliant eBay Design

eBay announced in the Spring 2016 Seller Release that they are stopping the use of Active Content in eBay Listings.  Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins. This active content inhibits purchases on mobile devices and also poses potential security risks. From Spring 2017 eBay will limit the use of this content in new listings. By Fall 2017 eBay will block and remove new and existing listings. This means that sellers with active content will need to update their listings to become compliant with eBay’s new rules. As an eBay certified provider of design, we have been hard at work re developing our services to offer the same great functionality on an Active Content Compliant platform. As of… Read more »

How to Streamline your eBay Business

How to Streamline Your eBay Business Many new small business owners turn to eBay’s dynamic online selling platform to sell their products. This is a great way to jumpstart your online business, but it can also become time consuming and a bit complicated once you really get into the swing of things. The key to saving time and money is taking steps to make your eBay business more efficient. Here are 10 things you can do to save time and money while running your eBay business: 1. Get to know eBay and how it works. Though eBay is an easy-to-use selling platform, avoid jumping right into starting a store until you know a little bit more about how it works.… Read more »

Content is key: How to make your eBay listings work

Gone are the days when eBay was just an online auction platform. Although its heritage is still clear, the site is now used to sell all kinds of products in all kinds of ways, and its flexibility has been embraced by everyone from amateur antiques dealers to big-name, high-street retailers. With a reported 25 million registered sellers providing stern competition, the quality of your listings is absolutely crucial. Chances are there will be other users offering similar or identical products, so you must make sure your adverts are effective. Fear not, though, we’re here to help. Below are a few top tips to help you on the road to selling success. Focus on the benefits It’s normal to find adverts… Read more »