Make eBay’s active content policy changes work hard for your business.

As the way we use the internet changes, so does the online landscape. When people started to shop online, both retail and the way we use the internet changed irreversibly. Many large retailers ignored online shopping. Many of the biggest high street retailers disappeared as a result. The future of retail seemed uncertain and people […]

eBay Seller Release 16.2

eBay have just announced the Seller Release 16.2 and it’s pretty much all good news for sellers. The bi-annual release covers changes to the eBay ecosystem. The summary of changes are: Structured Data Shipping and returns Active Content Seller Tools – Seller Hub Seller Performance Standards Category changes Fee increase for reserve price Delivery service […]

How to Streamline your eBay Business

How to Streamline Your eBay Business Many new small business owners turn to eBay’s dynamic online selling platform to sell their products. This is a great way to jumpstart your online business, but it can also become time consuming and a bit complicated once you really get into the swing of things. The key to […]