Frooition Announced as New Certified eBay Provider, Consolidating Position as World’s Major eBay Design Firm

With 2010 already proving to be a hugely busy and successful year to date in the evolution of Frooition, we are buoyed by yet another piece of significant news that the eBay Certified Provider Program has announced Frooition as a new Certified Provider helping eBay sellers increase sales with design, marketing and consulting tools and services, once again confirming and consolidating the business’s position as the world’s major recognised eBay design firm: New eBay Certified Provider – Frooition; Brings Design, Consulting and Marketing Services to eBay Sellers   New eBay Certified Provider, Frooition The eBay Certified Provider Program is pleased to announce Frooition as a new Certified Provider helping eBay sellers increase sales with design, marketing and consulting tools and… Read more »

UK officially out of Recession

The UK is officially out of recession, with GDP growing a tenth of one percent in the period October to December 2009. That’s a disappointment to economists as the forecast was for four tenths, but for the country as a whole it’s still a positive indicator that the economy is starting to recover. One worry is that the economy is still fragile and there’s the possibility of a “Double Dip” recession if the recovery stalls and GDP shrinks in the first quarter of 2010. Over the last year the economy has contracted by around six to seven percent, and without a recession growth should have been around four percent so the country has seen a loss of around ten percent… Read more »

eBay end mandatory free postage

eBay have announced the end of mandatory free postage in many categories and instead introduced postage caps. There are a number of arguments for and against sellers offering their customers free postage, the most compelling of which is that “buyers like it”, but do they? Partly the argument for buyers liking free postage is that it makes the purchase decision simple. The price you see is the price you pay, and there’s no need to do any simple addition to get the total price. However buyers aren’t stupid and they know that there is no such thing as “free”. “Free postage” should be more correctly named “Postage included”. One of the overriding reasons for eBay to back track on their… Read more »

Frooition Server Maintenance – Monday 18th January 2010

Server Maintenance, Advance Notice On the following date, Monday 18th January 2010, Frooition will be implementing upgrades to its server infrastructure. During the times of 6am to 9am (GMT) the Frooition software will not be accessible. Please note that this maintenance will only affect the use of the Frooition software, eBay Shops and Listings should remain unaffected during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards, Frooition

Use eBay’s Markdown Manager for your January Sale

It’s the time of year for sales, and if you’ve not considered holding an eBay sale in your shop now is the time to do so. The high street sales started early this year with some retailers starting their online sales as early as Christmas Eve. At 5pm on Christmas Eve when John Lewis stores shut they will be starting their online sale and many other retailers will be discounting over the holiday period both online and in-store. With the snowy weather just before Christmas many people delayed trips to the shops and still have disposable income to spend, but with the recession still biting are price conscious and are looking for a bargain at the time of the year… Read more »

eBay Design Showcase: JLK Comics – Professional eBay Shop Designs

We’ve been snowed under with new clients, eBay store designs, eBay listing template installations, and generally throwing out loads of new designs onto the eBay marketplace! Our Latest client to be installed is JLK Comics. Ben, one of our designers recently completed this design, and we all love the high impact, action packed imagery! Joseph, the owner of this eBay Shop, loves the design and we’re really happy with how it turned out too! CLIENT OVERVIEW Package Purchases: eBay Store & Listing Template Design (UK – eBay Shop Design | US – eBay Store Design) Designer: Ben Abolins

FrooitionBase featured on TechRadar – "10 killer apps for eBay buyers and sellers"!

Frooition’s Base platform for eBay Design (FrooitionBase) has been featured in an article on! FrooitionBase eBay Store and Listing Design Tool The most successful sellers on eBay know the value of a eye-catching, user-friendly listing and shop frontage. Frooition’s new entry-level eBay store and listing design solution is just the ticket if you’re on a tight budget. Like their professional eBay design service, it deals with all aspects of your brand on eBay and simplifies the process of getting listings looking professional and working effectively without flailing around with HTML. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial and it’s £15 per month thereafter. Mark Buckingham covers a host of essential eBay tools (eBay pulse, terapeak, just… Read more »

Frooition Design eBay Christmas Special Graphics Pack!

Frooition release a Christmas special graphics pack for eBay sellers. Perfect to get buyers in the festive shopping mood!   Our 2008 graphics pack is suitable for every Frooition client. Whether your design is light, dark, minimalist or funky, our highly talented designers will choose the best suited graphics and install it all for you within 48 hours of payment. We’ll also revert the graphics back to normal for you whenever you’re ready.   For live examples, and to read more details simply visit:!

Phishing Emails and eBay

Ebay has been a victim of phishing emails since the conception of the idea I bet! With hundreds of new users flooding to eBay all the time, phishing emails have become a common occurrence. In my personal inbox I get at least 3 or 4 eBay phishing emails a day, which are getting ever more convincing. eBay have worked hard to beat the ‘phishers’ by trying to educate its members. They even have a tutorial on how to spot a spoof emails and the eBay toolbar is a must for eBay users. Symantec have been following the scam of Trojan.Bayrob – Buying a Fake Jeep In order to attract potential victims the scammers first list cars for sale on various… Read more »

Be sensible about security – Get Safe Online Week

This week (12th to the 16th November) is Get Safe Online Week 2007 and Get Safe Online is sponsored by the government to offer independent, expert advice on how you can stay safe and secure when using the internet. With online fraud and identity theft are on the rise, it is imperative that internet shoppers protect themselves from their PC upwards. 1. Use a firewall. A firewall is a first line defence against hackers and virus attacks. It acts as a barrier between the public network and yourselves. Windows does have its own firewall (I would only recommend Windows XP and Vista, as the older versions of windows are now obsolete in security terms) Firewalls are not sufficient on their… Read more »