eBay Email Marketing Tips

eBay email marketing is one of the strongest features of an eBay shop. It’s also one of the most under used.  Your eBay store’s email function allows you to build a list of previous customers and people who have expressed an interest in your products. eBay emails can remind them to re-visit your listings. It’s worth pointing out that under UK law you’re not allowed to send emails to consumers unless they’ve specifically opted in to receive your marketing. In addition, eBay prohibits you from sending marketing (either by email or traditional post) as set out in the Spam Policy and the “No Spam” section of the eBay User Agreement. By building email marketing lists through your eBay shop you… Read more »

Tips to Increase DSRs Recieved from Buyers

Item as Described Write full product descriptions including all relevant details, especially the condition of the item and any defects. Use Item specifics and include multiple pictures so that buyers can see exactly what they’re about to purchase. Don’t use generic stock product shots, especially for used items – show the buyer the product they’re actually going to purchase. Communication Make sure buyers know how to reach you with contact details in your listings, emails and dispatch notes. Use automated emails through Selling Manager Pro to keep buyers informed of when you receive payment and dispatch their product. Postage time Dispatch items as quickly as possible once they’re sold and paid for. The sooner a buyer receives their item the… Read more »

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2010 – Special Discount for Frooition Customers

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2010 – Special Discount for Frooition Customers £200 (Save £49 from standard £249 ticket price) As a sponsor of ChannelAdvisor’s Annual Catalyst event, to be held at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London on April 12-13, 2010, Frooition are pleased to offer their customers a special discount on event tickets. Joining Frooition at Catalyst will be senior managers from eBay, Amazon and Google as well as some of the UK’s leading online retailers. There are only 30 tickets left and these will be sold on a first come, first served basis. “Enter the discount code FROO2010“ To redeem your special discount book online at http://www.channeladvisor.co.uk/catalyst and enter the discount code FROO2010 when prompted.

Budget 2010 and how it affects Online Traders

On the 24th March the Chancellor, Alastair Darling delivered the 2010 budget to Parliament which included a number of measures which will affect small businesses such as eBay sellers. The bad news is that many of the standard allowances and thresholds have been frozen for two to five years, which introduces hidden tax rises as the cost of living and inflation rises. However there are some other measures worth familiarizing yourself with which could affect your business planning. Business Taxation Changes Corporation tax for businesses with small profits (less than £300,000) remains frozen for the next fiscal year at 21 percent. This represents a discount on the full rate of corporation tax which remains at 28 per cent.  On the… Read more »

April 2010 Powerseller Changes

In February eBay announced the first of three major Seller Updates for 2010. Many of these changes are due to come into effect this April, so now is the time to be prepared for the changes and understand how they will affect you as a seller. The biggest changes are the increasing of Minimum Seller Standards and the raising of eligibility requirements for PowerSellers. Minimum Seller Standards are measured based on the number of low (1 or 2 star) DSRs received from buyers. Currently acceptable levels are 3% or 3 low DSRs for Item As Described, and 4% or 4 low DSRs for the Communication, Dispatch Time and P&P Charges. These will be lowered to 1% or 3 low DSRs… Read more »

Venda Store Testemonial: White Lodge Fabric

We have had some great feedback from one of our Vendio Store customers and are eager to share their Success: White Lodge Fabric “We are an online fabric retailer and have been using the Venda store for just over a year. We felt is was time to upgrade to a professionally designed Venda store and found frooition via eBay where we also sell fabric. “We have only had the new site for just over a month but sales are up by around 20%“ Having initially made contact the whole procedure was very quick and efficient with the final result being exactly what we wanted. Our brief was interpreted by Paul at frooition and the first draft was almost perfect. After… Read more »

eBay Business Efficiency Guide

eBay have recently released a great set of guides to helps sellers get on top of their game and become lean mean selling machines! Clearly a lot of effort has been spent on these guides and there is a wealth of great information to help sellers streamline operations and spend more time making money. Topics Include: Ecommerce Essentials Streamlined Listings Inventory Management Shipping Strategies Customer Relationship Management Business Optimization “Give yourself the time and resources you need to grow your business. By implementing the right processes, you’ll be able to streamline operations, keep your business running at a great pace, and free up time to plan for the future.” Excerpt from Powerup Efficiency Insert.pdf Read more great articles and get… Read more »

eBay Goes Green!

eBay Have launched their Green Team Challenge which encourages shoppers to purchase 2nd hand or recycled products rather than buy new in an effort to save energy and lower our carbon foot prints. “Did you realize that buying a previously-worn pair of leather shoes on eBay versus new in a store saves more energy than an average household uses in a day!” If you take the challenge on Earth day (April 22nd) then eBay will protect 1 acre of rain forest. (As well as giving you the chance to win $10,000!) We think this is a great idea and encourage you all to sign up

What is eBay Best Match?

Best Match is the process by which eBay sort search results, and the higher your listings appear in Best Match the more likely it is that a buyer will make a purchase from you. It’s important to realise that auctions and fixed price listings are sorted differently. In general auctions are still sorted by time ending soonest, but are then combined with fixed price listings to produce the final sort order (often alternately auction, fixed price, auction, fixed price, but if there are more of one type of listing than the other the frequency may vary). eBay’s initial sort order for fixed price items is according to “Best Value” or “Popularity”. eBay consider the measure of Best Value to be… Read more »