How the UK Emergency Budget affects Online Merchants

The emergency budget was almost certainly bad news for most of the country, and few will remain unaffected although it’s intended that those with the lowest earnings will be hit least. Reductions in child tax credits will be reduced or removed for the highest paid workers and change to income tax will also assist lower paid workers with no benefit to higher rate tax payers. However the budget sets out a clear mandate for private businesses with measure to assist them, whilst there are no surprises that government spending in the public sector has been hit hard. There will be a two-year pay freeze for public sector workers earning more than £21,000, although the 1.7 million lower paid workers will… Read more »

Social Media as a Marketing Opportunity

As an eBay seller it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday graft of just keeping your operation running. You might be drowning in brown tape and jiffy bags and making sure you make it to the post office in time, but remember there’s a whole world out there. eBay is a walled garden. It’s busy and has millions of buyers for you. But there’s more to the internet than eBay. You can boost your eBay sales by marketing online. One of the most talked about opportunities is social media marketing. That means sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and other activities such as blogging. Twitter has grown phenomenally in the past year or so and is now… Read more »

Making the Most of your eBay About Me Page

Lots of eBay sellers don’t even know about their About Me page. Even fewer actually take advantage of it and make sure it is working hard for them. Building a successful eBay profile is about using all the tools eBay makes available. If you’re not using your About me page, you’re missing a trick. What IS an About me page? It’s exactly what it says it says in the tin! A page for you to tell other eBayers about yourself, your business and the things you sell. You can make and edit your About Me page via My eBay. You don’t need any special skills but if you have some coding or design experience, so much the better. Unusually for… Read more »

eBay introduce new detailed item condition functionality

eBay have introduced new values for item condition. Designed to be more descriptive and give buyers a more detailed, accurate description of the item condition. The new entries have been developed to help manage customer expectations, decrease questions and help improve DSR’s. Item condition will help customers filter searches further and improve navigation. The new options went live on the 10th of May and will become mandatory in the majority of categories on the 27th of July 2010. You may have difficulty relisting items in eBay if you have not specified an item condition. How does this affect frooition customers? Frooition have further improved the listing process within the frooition software. We have introduced a free update that moves the… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping on eBay

We’ve probably all been in the position of running out of stock and getting a supplier or competitor to ship an item direct to the customer for us. If you’ve done this then you’ve already performed what’s known in the trade as “Drop Shipping”. Some sellers however never actually handle any of their stock, their entire eBay operation is based around drop shipping where they list products for sale, accept payment, but then place the order on a drop shipper who fulfils it shipping it direct to the customer with the seller never handling or even seeing the item. It’s not unheard of on eBay for sellers, especially in the DVD and media categories, to use eBay’s competitors Amazon or… Read more »

The Impact of Professional Branding Online

Branding is possibly the single most important thing you can do for your online business. Apart from price and availability of product there’s little else to distinguish you from any other online merchant. Strong branding make the difference between getting the sale or not. Service only matters once the buyer has made a purchase. Until that point, a strong brand is the only way to set yourself apart from competitors. Your brand tells customers that they’re looking at one of your eBay auctions or your online shop. A memorable brand sets you apart. Your brand helps customers remember the great service they received from you in the past. It gives them the confidence to shop again. If you look at… Read more »

Take Advantage of eBay Automation Rules Part 2

Automation tools available to Selling Manager Pro subscribers   Automated Feedback Sellers can only leave positive feedback for buyers so rather than leaving it manually Selling Manager Pro enables you to automatically leave a positive for buyers either when they have paid for the item, or when they have paid and left positive feedback for you. Automated emails To keep buyers informed during your post-sale process there are currently up to five automated emails that Selling Manager Pro can send on your behalf. Winning Bidder Notification: (N.B. eBay already send an End of Auction email which you can customise instead of using this option Payment Reminder: You can remind buyers to pay for their items and choose how many days… Read more »

Take Advantage of eBay Automation Rules . . . Part 1

eBay sellers undoubtedly are working harder than ever to ensure that buyers expectations are met. In Recent years eBay have increased the pressure on sellers to up levels of service, but the truth is that the best sellers already provide service over and above that provided by many other ecommerce sites. In order to reduce the workload for sellers eBay have provided many automation tools available to sellers, both to reduce listing management and to handle customer communications. Many of the automation tools are within Selling Manager Pro, although some are available to all sellers without a Selling Manager Pro subscription. Automation tools available to all sellers Best offer Best offer gives the ability to automatically accept or decline Best… Read more »

Frooition software is evolving!

Existing Customers: Introducing Frooition Bulk Revision: Bulk Revision allows you to make changes to live listing quickly and easily without the need to re-list any items: BULK Apply Frooition Listing Templates to all your LIVE eBay Listings Find & Replace Titles and Descriptions Add to Descriptions Modify Returns Policies Change Start Prices Alter Buy It Now Prices Modify Reserve Prices Add/Remove Quantities Modify Dispatch Time Alter PayPal Address We have had lots of positive feedback from our Beta testers: Read More