Frooition Update: We Now Support eBay Product Catalogue & Prefilled Listings information!

Great news – Another new feature has been added to our Frooition software application!   eBay Item Catalogue: Some categories – Film, Digital Cameras, and Mobile Phones are just a few examples – contain items associated with products in eBay’s growing catalogue. If you’re listing in one of these categories, you’ll be able to add product details from eBay’s catalogue to your listing description. Besides saving you time and making it easier for you to list an item, this is a simple way to create a more appealing listing and help buyers find your items. Using eBay’s Product Catalogue alongside Frooition eBay design now means you can show this catalogue information within your Frooition listing template! More about prefilled information:… Read more »

Solve duplicate listing issues with Multi-Variation Listings

Ending Duplicate listings on have recently introduced a new item duplication policy which comes into force on the 26th October 2010. The highlights of the policy are that if you have multiple quantities of a particular product you must list them as a single multiple quantity fixed price listing. eBay have also warned that if you do have multiple listings they must be to specifically address different buyer needs, e.g. single and bulk quantities of the same item. There is also a warning that sellers cannot use more than one eBay account to list the same products, you’re limited to a single listing for a specific item across all of your eBay User IDs. For items that are… Read more »

Frooition Update: We Now Support eBay Multi-Variation Listings!

The Frooition team have been hard at work implementing a much requested feature from our users: eBay’s Multi-Variation Listings!  We’re pretty confident you’re going to really enjoy using this new feature! eBay’s Multi-Variation Listing Format: eBay offer a multi-variation listing format that will enable you to showcase your stock and offer buyers great selection from just one listing. Price each variation of your item just the way you want and sell all the colours and sizes for a single listing fee. Multi-variation listings help your customers to find what they want – and you can now list multi-variation listings from your Frooition Freedom account! What Is A Variation? Instead of creating a separate listing for a product that has a… Read more »

New eBay policy improves search for buyers & boosts exposure for sellers

As an eBay Certified Provider, the Frooition team get information on upcoming changes [big or small] ahead of almost everybody else in the marketplace. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some information on an eBay release which is scheduled to be rolled out tuesday 26th October 2010. This year eBay will help drive a more successful holiday selling season for all sellers by ensuring buyers have a quick, inspiring view of the great selection available for their holiday purchases. Effective October 26, the new Duplicate Listing policy will help prevent search results from being dominated by multiple duplicate listings of the same item from the same seller, and improve exposure for great listings from many more sellers.” eBay… Read more »

Get ready for increased eBay traffic with a Frooition advanced eBay design.

Get ready for increased eBay traffic with a Frooition advanced eBay design. With eBay traffic set to increase and most online sellers bringing in the majority of their revenue in the last quarter of the year, now is the time to invest in your business! Features: Benefits Custom design based on your specification eBay Store & Listing design Design management software enables you to list directly to eBay Dynamically update the categories on all your listings. Offer cross-promotion items on every listing. Increased traffic Improved layout More sales per customer Less Questions Improve DSR’s Grow your sales!   Starting from £999.00 +VAT Click here to find out more!

5 Strategies To Retain Customers and Sell More On eBay

I’ve been working in the eCommerce industry for a number of years now. I’ve trained, run and improved countless businesses on eBay along the way. This article comes more out of frustration than anything else. There are too many “average sellers” out there missing opportunities to improve their business. For me as a buyer, I don’t want to be referred to as “just another sale”. Whether I walk into a brick and mortar store or purchase through your eBay shop or website, I want to be impressed, have an enjoyable experience, and be able to tell my friends and family about how great it was to buy from your business. The internet is saturated with online stores and eBay sellers.… Read more »

Item conditions are now required on eBay listings.

Since the 27th July 2010, the new item condition values will be necessary for new, relisted and revised listings in most eBay categories. If your listings do not included the item condition your new listing or revision will be blocked by eBay. This leaves sellers with a bit of a task, relist all your items from scratch to contain the item condition, or if you use sell similar to relist your items you’ll need to amend each listing to include the new item condition value or your relist will fail – Certainly a time consuming problem for sellers to face. So how can eBay sellers apply item conditions to their listings without it becoming a drain on your precious time… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 10.3

Seller Release: 10.3 Announced: 13th July Actioned: Q4 September Today eBay have officially announced Seller Release 10.3. This release will be the last Seller release of the year. Most of the features below do not come into effect until September 2010. There are a lot of features that benefit both sellers and buyers, however they will cause more work for most sellers. We have highlighted the major changes and useful information below: PayPal Required for .it and .es. and will have PayPal as a mandatory required payment method, bringing it inline with and .com. Item Condition for Vehicles Listings in vehicle categories will now support the new Item Condition values & functionality (Read Our Blog Post about… Read more »

How To Word Terms & Conditions and Avoid eBay/PayPal Disputes

Terms and Conditions are one of the hardest parts of online selling to get right. Ignorance of the law is no defense and there are two main pieces of legislation which all sellers need to abide by – the Electronic Commerce Regulations and Distance Selling Regulations and the Sale of Goods Act. In general, these pieces of legislation are intended to protect consumers, so unsurprisingly they appear weighted against merchants, however by following their guidelines it’s possible to limit your liabilities so it’s worth spending the time to become familiar with them. Considerations There are four main things a buyer is concerned about when considering a purchase: What does it cost? What will the shipping cost? Can I return the… Read more »